Concrete Laser Screed

Concrete Laser Screed

As a contractor, having a level surface means everything. However, it’s not always easy to get the level surface of your dreams. That’s where the laser screed comes in.


Without a level surface, the rest of your project can be a nightmare, which is why the first step of laying a levelled foundation is key. It will ensure that your walls go up straight, that your chairs don’t tilt, and that your doorways are level.

Next time you’re building a foundation for a home, a garage, or a concrete patio, this is the machine for you.

This powerful machine produces a level surface with ease and eliminates the need for physical labour. Gone are the days of levelling by hand — with the laser screed, you won’t have to do anything but handle the remote.

The laser screed tool uses a laser levelling system to ensure that the concrete you’re working with is level and square. In fact, the accuracy of levelling is within 1mm, every time — an extremely difficult feat to accomplish by hand.

Since the machine levels the concrete for you as it’s working, it takes out the guesswork and helps you to work quickly and efficiently. It essentially does all the work for you. You can rest assured that the levelling equipment will do its job since laser levelling is some of the most precise equipment available.

Beton Tool’s laser screed has aluminium wheels which means it will leave no marks and no segregation on your concrete surfaces.

And let's not forget the speed that this tool offers. You’ll be able to finish up to 1500m per day, which saves you time and money.

Check out Beton Tool’s laser screed tool below to learn more about the machine that will make you excited to lay a level foundation for any project.

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