Concrete Truss Screed

Concrete Truss Screed

Concrete Truss Screed – Bartell Morrison Concrete Equipment


Concrete Truss Screed – When you are pouring concrete, unless you are extremely fortunate or have the concrete gods smiling upon you, rare is the time when you finish that the concrete is at the exact elevation or smoothness you need. This is because of the way the concrete pours from the truck, the weather and how it’s affecting the concrete, and other variables too lengthy to mention. One way to achieve the proper elevation and smoothness is to use a truss screed.

A concrete truss screed is a tool that is dragged across the surface of freshly poured concrete to remove any excess and smooth the surface. The screed’s surface is generally smooth and flat, but it can be shaped in any formation to help you achieve the surface you need, such as curved or concave. Since no concrete pour is the same nor of the same size, different types of concrete screeds are needed. As any craftsman will know, it’s best to have the right tool for the right job.

The Bartell Truss Screed System by Bartell Morrison exceeds contractor's expectations for levelling pavement and industrial floors. Its proven angled super rigid design has made it a favourite of concrete contractors for over a decade. The Morrison's eccentric shaft design produces 14000 on their 9- hp Honda model vibration cycle nodes per minute. This truss screed is ideal for slab bridge and highway applications and is powered by a Honda engine. The engine kits are factory installed on truss screed sub sections for reduced set up time at the job site.

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