Ligchine Laser Screed

Ligchine™ is a global leader in innovative laser-guided and 3D GPS/LPS-guided concrete screeds. Since its founding in 2007, the company has rapidly expanded its position in the market and offers a full line of automated concrete screeding machines that service flatwork companies from small owner-operated companies to large global concrete contractors. The company’s headquarters, engineering and manufacturing are located in the United States, and in addition to a direct sales force in the US, the company has an extensive network of international dealers and partners to serve customers anywhere in the world.

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Ligchine SpiderScreed Laserscreed

Ligchine International - The World Premiere of the SpiderScreed!Compact, lightweight and innovative..

Ligchine ScreedSaver II

Ligchine introduced the ScreedSaver II™ machine in 2008 as the world’s most competitively priced boo..

Ligchine ScreedSaver Max

Ligchine invented the “large line” sized boom screed (200 sq. ft. of coverage) in 2012. The ScreedSa..

Ligchine ScreedSaver MAX Pro

Newly introduced in 2017 ScreedSaver MAX Pro™ offers the best of all worlds. The MAX Pro combines th..

Ligchine ScreedSaver BOSS 240

Ligchine re-invented the mega sized screed machine in 2016 when it introduced the feature loaded Scr..

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