Dust Extractor

Dust Extractor
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Blastrac Dust Collector 230V/50Hz Global BDC-1330

The Blastrac BDC-1330 heavy-duty dust collection system is remarkably quiet and designed for multpur..

$3,520.00 Ex Tax: $3,200.00

Blastrac Dust Collector Longopac /240V BDC-1330LP

The Blastrac BDC-1330LP is equipped with a Longopac bagging system, which is easy to mount and handl..

$5,115.00 Ex Tax: $4,650.00

Blastrac Dust Collector Longopac /240V/Pulse BDC-1330LPP

Equipped with automatic pulse filter cleaning systemThe BDC-1330LPP is similar in performance to the..

$10,505.00 Ex Tax: $9,550.00

Blastrac Dust Collector Longopac /Tilt System/240V BDC-1330TLP

Tiltable version of the BDC-1330LPThe BDC-1330TLP, similar to the BDC-1330LP, is equipped with a til..

$5,115.00 Ex Tax: $4,650.00

Blastrac Dust Collector LongoPac BDC-3140LP

Heavy duty dust collection systemThe Blastrac BDC-3140LP is a powerful dust collection system design..

$8,525.00 Ex Tax: $7,750.00

Blastrac Dust Collector LongPac Pulse BDC-3140LPP

The BDC-3140LPP is a heavy duty dust collection system equipped with an automatic pulse filter clean..

$13,750.00 Ex Tax: $12,500.00

Blastrac Pre Separator D460 LP up/down BPS-LP-0021

Small pre-separator with cyclonic effectThe pre-separator with cyclonic effect makes it possible to ..

$4,785.00 Ex Tax: $4,350.00

Eibenstock 25Litre Filter Bags 5 Pack

Eibenstock 35321000 Fleece Filter Bags (Pack of 5) To Suit SS1200 DSS25 and DSS35 Vacuum Cleane..

$139.46 Ex Tax: $126.78

Tyrolit VCE2500D Single-Phase Dust Extractor

The VCE2500D is a single-phase dust extractor. The robust and sturdy construction provides a handy ..

$4,235.00 Ex Tax: $3,850.00

Tyrolit VCE4000D Dust Extractor

The Tyrolit VCE4000D Dust Extractor is the natural choice for HTC’s smaller grinding machines3-Phase..

$10,890.00 Ex Tax: $9,900.00