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Vacuum Cleaner
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Eibenstock DSS35MIP Industrial "PermaClean" Vacuum Wet/Dry 35.0Ltr

Features:M CLASS VAC • Automatic filter cleaning (electromagnetic pulse) – cleaning of the filter, ..

$1,831.50 Ex Tax: $1,665.00

Eibenstock SS1401L Industrial Vacuum 25.0Ltr

The compact and lightweight construction cleaner of dust class L Use: - Vacuuming of dust (dry) and ..

$462.00 Ex Tax: $420.00

GTPRO Power Dust Extractor VCP 320 E 119870

Features:The GTPRO Dust Extractor is used for extracting non-hazardous dust, dirt, sand and chips, a..

$945.00 Ex Tax: $859.09

INTEX Starmix AISP35 Dust Extractor

FEATURES: Starmix® Dust Extractor "IS" Series with Permanent Clean System 35L - Including Accesso..

$1,280.00 Ex Tax: $1,163.64

INTEX Starmix AV1245NA

Safer, cleaner, faster, smarter and more durable than ever: the Intex Starmix No Accessories ..

$577.67 Ex Tax: $525.15

Rokamat TAPIR M35 Constant Clean Vacuum Cleaner

ROKAMAT TAPIR M35 Constant Clean Vacuum Cleaner ..

$1,548.80 Ex Tax: $1,408.00

Rokamat Wireless Rucksack Vacuum Cleaner

ROKAMAT Wireless Rucksack Vacuum Cleaner·        Powerful re..

$2,699.00 Ex Tax: $2,453.64