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Topp & Screed unveils world first battery powered Mini Super flat Screed

Topp & Screed is renowned for its global performance in the design, manufacture and maintenance of equipment for the production of concrete industrial floor slabs. Established in 2006 the company is located in Luxembourg, has an extensive range of equipment and is renowned for its continuous innovation and cutting-edge technology.

The latest addition to its product range is the TS6100e, fully electric, battery powered Mini Super flat Screed. The zero emissions, compact concrete levelling machine is ideal for industrial concrete floors, freezers, garages, parking areas, mezzanines and other construction jobs where space is limited and meets consumer demands for an environmentally sensitive machine.

 Topp & Screed is committed to developing sustainable solutions for current and future generations. The zero emissions TS6100e is a world first of its kind in the sector of industrial concrete floors.

Optimum performance with additional benefits and zero emissions

The remote controlled electric TS6100e Mini Super flat Screed delivers the same power and performance as TS6100ethermic-powered models with no compromise on hydraulic functions and offers outstanding results in terms of levelling and flatness.

The battery is designed to be effective for a minimum of 8 working hours per day and can be fully recharged in 6-7 hours when plugged in 220V and in 2-4 hours when plugged in 380V.

Electric drives are low maintenance. This is a huge benefit, reducing maintenance costs and time, and consequently maximizing machine working time.

The TS6100e is equipped with an advanced operating system. It has ground breaking and cutting-edge technology including the SFS 3.0 multilingual software linked to a tactile touch screen, loaded with multiple features that allow the operator to fine tune the machine to different applications for ultimate performance.

The TS6100e’s low weight enables it to be driven on mesh and cold store insulation materials. The machine is easily transported on a trailer, with a foldable elevation beam that narrows the machine profile during transport and allows easy access to job sites with restricted access.

As social responsibility and regulations are moving towards a reduction of noise and emissions for construction machines, make Topp & Screed your partner for concrete floor slab equipment as the only company worldwide offering zero-emission products for the industrial concrete flooring sector.

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Topp & Screed Mini Battery Powered Superflat Laser Screed TS6100e Quote

Topp & Screed Mini Battery Powered Superflat Laser Screed TS6100e

Topp & Screed unveils world first battery powered Mini Super flat ScreedTopp & Screed is re..

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