Weka Diamond Core Drills

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WEKA DK 16 3-Speed Diamond Core Drill Machine NEW MODEL

The New Model DK1603 Diamond Core Drill Machine has 1 1/4“ UNC + 1/2“ BSP Threaded Fitting. Th..

$1,738.00 Ex Tax: $1,580.00

Hydro DK32 Electric Module

WEKA Hydro DK32 Electric Module ..

$114.00 Ex Tax: $103.64

WEKA 3-Speed Diamond Core Drill Rig Motor

The DK26 from WEKA replaces the already legendary DK22 which is in use since 23 years successfully a..

$2,329.00 Ex Tax: $2,117.27

Weka DK12-DK16 Clamp Ring

Weka DK12-DK16 Clamp Ring ..

$88.81 Ex Tax: $80.74

Weka DK1603 Armature

Weka DK1603 Armature includes Bearing ..

$429.00 Ex Tax: $390.00

Weka DK1603 Carbon Brushes(each) In Stock

Weka DK1603 Carbon Brushes(each)

Weka DK1603 Carbon Brushes(each) ..

$10.00 Ex Tax: $9.09

Weka DK1603 Electric Module

Weka DK1603 Electric Module ..

$159.50 Ex Tax: $145.00

Weka DK1603 Handle Complete

Weka DK1603 Handle Complete ..

$60.01 Ex Tax: $54.55

Weka DK1603 Pinion Shaft

Weka DK1603 Pinion Shaft ..

$195.00 Ex Tax: $177.27

Weka DK1603 Trigger Switch

Weka DK1603 Trigger Switch ..

$76.00 Ex Tax: $69.09

Weka DK32 Armature

Weka DK32 Armature ..

$469.00 Ex Tax: $426.36

Weka DK32 Carbon Brushes(each)

Weka DK32 Carbon Brushes(each) ..

$12.00 Ex Tax: $10.91

Weka DK32 Pinion Shaft

Weka DK32 Pinion Shaft ..

$315.00 Ex Tax: $286.36