Lasers and Levels

Lasers and Levels

As a construction worker, you know the importance of a level surface. With projects big or small, ensuring that your work is level is crucial.


Whether you’re laying brick, adding trim to a newly-finished doorway, or adding a shelving unit as a finishing touch in a living room, a laser level is a must.

In the past, bubble levels have worked as a primary tool for levelling, but have since become somewhat inconsistent and outdated in the world of new technology.

A laser level affords you precision and ease of use with its ability to strike a level laser beam on the surface that you’re working with. Laser levels also allow you to strike a level line both horizontally or vertically — saving you time and effort.

For indoor projects like trims and shelving, you can affix laser levels to the wall on which you’re working — allowing you to see a clean, level line from point A to point B. These levels are known as fixed, or spot level laser levels and they’re the perfect tool for hanging that picture frame cleanly and properly.

For outdoor use, you can use laser levels on a tripod, making it one of the most accommodating tools available to construction workers. These levels are often called rotary laser levels and work like magic when you want to be sure that the housing frame that you’ve built is level and structurally sound.

At Beton Tools, we offer the laser level technology you need to ensure high-quality work, along with all the accessories you’ll need to create a perfect, straight line for projects both indoors and outdoors.

We offer the tripods, the brackets, the mounts — and let’s not forget eye protection!

These are just a few of the laser levelling products we offer at Beton Tools. Check out our full page laser level products below.

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Imex 150mm Inclinometer with Magnetic Base 002-ICL15

Imex 002-ICL15 150mm Inclinometer with Magnetic Base Features: 150mm magnetic base Measure slope ..

$105.00 Ex Tax: $95.45

Imex 240V Charger and cable 012-24RUSB

Imex 012-24RUSB 240V Charger and cable to suit iSeries Rotating Laser LevelsSuitable for:Imex 012-I8..

$65.00 Ex Tax: $59.09

Imex 3 x 360° Red Multiline Laser Level with Laser Detector 012-LX3DRD

Imex LX3DRD 3 x 360° Red Multiline Laser Level with Laser Detector The Imex LX3DR is a line laser..

$780.00 Ex Tax: $709.09

Imex 3.7V 9.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Battery Pack 012-BL379A

Imex 012-BL379A 3.7V 9.0Ah Li-ion Cordless Battery Pack to suit iSeries Rotary Laser LevelsSuitable ..

$165.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

Imex 5m E Staff 012-IMELS5E

Feature:For use with rotating laser lasers012-IMELS5bullet point ..

$85.00 Ex Tax: $77.27

Imex Bullseye 30 Measure Pen Laser Meter I0BE30

The all new Bullseye 30 laser distance measurer is set to revolutionize laser distance measuring wit..

$125.00 Ex Tax: $113.64

Imex Bullseye 80m Laser Distance Meter I0BE80

The new generation in laser distance measuring incorporates the fast engine measuring technology wit..

$215.00 Ex Tax: $195.45

Imex Crossline + 5 Dot Set Out Laser LX25P

The new generation IMEX LX25P with class leading IMEX Laser-edge technology high definition line and..

$435.00 Ex Tax: $395.45

Imex Crossline laser with Plumb dot/plumb up 012-LX22

Imex is releasing the all new LX22 series  crossline, plumb spot laser with the very latest Ime..

$280.01 Ex Tax: $254.55

Imex Crossline Plus 5 Dot Laser Green Beam LX25GP

The new generation IMEX LX25GP with class leading IMEX Laser-edge technology high definition line an..

$545.00 Ex Tax: $495.45

Imex Cut 'n' Fill Rod I0CFR

Optimum for all rotating and laser levels. 012-ICCFR bullet point ..

$115.01 Ex Tax: $104.55

Imex Detector Bracket 012-LRXBT

Imex 012-LRXBT Detector Bracket to suit LRX6 & LRX10 ReceiversSuitable for:Imex 012-LRX6 Red &am..

$96.00 Ex Tax: $87.27

Imex Green Beam Line Laser Receiver & Bracket 012-LDG1

Imex 012-LDG1 Green Beam Line Laser Receiver & Bracket Features: Large 45mm pick-up Highly Vi..

$176.00 Ex Tax: $160.00

Imex Green Beam Mini Cross Line Laser with Tripod 012-L2G

Imex 012-L2G Green Beam Mini Cross Line Laser with TripodFrom the Imex professional laser manufactur..

$155.00 Ex Tax: $140.91

Imex Green Beam Pipe Laser Level 012-IPL3TG

Imex 012-IPL3TG Green Beam Pipe Laser LevelThe all new Imex IPL3TG green beam pipe drainage lasers h..

$5,299.01 Ex Tax: $4,817.28

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