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Edma Automatic Hog Ring Plier - Power Grafer - Edma France

POWER GRAFER Fits all types of drills For stapling chain-link fence High speed execution = time..

$311.85 Ex Tax: $283.50

Edma Drywall Scoring Square - 515 X 625mm - Edma France

Fast and neat straight cut Max 62cm Perfect for scoring and cutting Accept all types of utility..

$70.79 Ex Tax: $64.35

Edma Fencing Tension Claws - Edma France

Set of 2 universal chain link fencing tensioner for round posts Makes for easy installation by on..

$34.58 Ex Tax: $31.44

Edma Hog Ring Pliers - Top Graf 20/22 - Edma France

TOP GRAFER 20/22 Light and handy tool 2 built-in wire cutter up to 3 mm thickness 50 staple mag..

$73.92 Ex Tax: $67.20

Edma Mitre Shears/Fillet Cutter - Multicoup Extra - 65mm Long Blade - 45 Degree Cut - Edma France

Neat and effortless cut! Opening allows easy cutting of decorative moulding, wood skirting boards..

$70.79 Ex Tax: $64.35