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The company was founded in Australia on October 25, 1989, as Intex Drywall Systems, and officially became Intex International. on May 30, 2009. Intex takes its name from its first marketed product, metal 90° internal and external angles (Int-ex). The brand slogan Building Excellence was established soon after, as the core principle of the brand, reflecting every aspect of the company, its products, and the global supply chain. Intex markets its products under its own brand, as well as its sub-brands Intex Giraffe, Intex Hi-Stride, Intex MegaFix, Intex MegaGrip, Intex MegaMixer, Intex PlasterX, Intex Starmix, Intex Useit, Intex ZipStrip, and populist brands including PanelLift, Flextos and StraitFlex.


Intex International. is a multinational corporation engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, and worldwide marketing and sales of the complete premium system of tools, equipment, and accessories for the Walls and Ceilings industry.

Intex operates through a network of retail partners across the globe, completing the complex global supply chain, distributing the Intex brand and complete Intex integrated system of products for the Walls and Ceilings industry to the global trade. Since the early years, we have applied many learnings in developing and operating a complex global supply chain. Now specialising as the single destination for all Walls and Ceilings retail partner requirements, and backed by popular demand, the company maintains the ongoing firm commitment to have the complete system and most extensive range of premium quality products, under the most renowned and trusted brand, whilst consistently maintaining unparalleled service throughout the global supply chain.

With the extensive experience, the strong foundation established and intermit understanding of the industry, Intex now harnesses the power of innovation to create opportunities and leads the industry in new and innovative solutions for every requirement. Together, Building Excellence.

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Intex 1050W MegaMixer Power Mixer Drill AMX110

Intex MegaMixer® Power Mixer Drill (Incl. Rod) 1050WIndustrial grade construction with diecast alumi..

$253.51 Ex Tax: $230.46

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