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Armorgard Australia Secure Storage for Tools and Equipment.


Armorgard’s product portfolio is relevant to many markets and the uses for our equipment are far reaching.

We’ve built up our products to be strong enough for any environment you give it; so, what could you use Armorgard for?

Armorgard Quality where you need it.

We understand the quality that you need, and build exactly that. Our products are built to ‘take the knock’.

With 30 years in the industry, we have designed and established products that are built to endure and guaranteed to perform, reinforced with a well-built brand, identified for strength and reliability.

Designed with You in Mind.

Every product featured is exclusive to Armorgard. From concept and design through to manufacture and servicing – it’s all the work of our own talented engineers. You won’t find the same products anywhere else, and you certainly won’t find better. Add to this our renowned value for money and market-beating customer service and you can see why we’re the UK’s brand of choice for secure storage and logistical products.

Exceptionally Secure

All our products are built on a strong foundation of security and carry the reputation of indestructible and reliable within the industry.

Attention to Detail

It's the small things that matter and our attention to detail that sets us apart. We focus on the details and refine them until they work best for you.

Tested Quality

Armorgard set the industry benchmark with strict quality control procedures to ensure we only achieve the best results.

Ergonomic Design

Armorgard products are designed to be easy to use and maximize productivity. It's our mission; to make life easier for those on tools.

Great Solutions for all Contractors

All contractors working on building fit-out projects share a common threat – tool and equipment loss or theft.  M&E, dry lining, plastering, carpentry and other specialists often work alongside each other in confined spaces with few options for secure storage of assets.

We provide the most comprehensive, robust, reliable, and trusted secure tool storage range on the market.  With solutions ranging from a tool box for vans to a lockable, walk-in storage solution for site use, we have all your security needs covered.  Many of our products are modular to allow for assembly in confined spaces, and most can be fitted with castors.  We also provide a wide range of manual handling and specialist safety solutions – such as our innovative Cutting Station and popular Load All trolley - to improve your safety, wellbeing and productivity on site.

Protecting your Tools on the Move

We provide the most comprehensive, robust, reliable, and trusted secure tool storage range for vans on the market.

Protect your business, your assets and your levels of efficiency. The UK’s leading brand has a range of solutions to fit all size of van and budget. Made from heavy duty steel plate with 5-lever deadlocks and anti-jemmy systems, our tool boxes are the best on the market and proven to deter thieves.  Arm your business with the best.

Storage Solutions to Protect you from the Ground Up

Landscape gardeners, ground maintenance workers, and those engaged in landscaping for groundworks/development projects are all subject to the risk of tool theft. Expensive strimmer’s, saws and lawnmowers are all attractive targets for thieves. Armorgard have developed a wide range of specialist solutions to protect your valuable tools and equipment when stored on site, on your premises or in the back of your truck or van.

We also supply all the storage needed to transport and store hazardous goods in accordance with legislation and environmental best practice.  Our products have been tried and tested; are unique and innovative, and we provide a wider range than any other supplier.

Helping to Protect you in the Rail Industry

The rail industry is one of the most safety focussed industries in the UK.  Network rail is currently the safest and most reliable network in Europe, their motto is “everyone home safe every day”. The organisation needs to deliver on a complex and ambitious business plan whilst managing tight budgets and rising costs.  The whole industry is under great pressure to increase efficiency and complete projects on time.

Many Armorgard products are used by the rail industry.  Our solutions protect the safety and wellbeing of workers and members of the public.  We help to protect budgets and increase efficiency through products that dramatically reduce theft of tools and materials.  We can help to protect the environment and people through the safe storage of hazardous goods.

Stay safe and stay clean with Armorgard

From sanitising and hand washing, to social distancing, Armorgard has the solution for you.

We've gathered a selection of our most relevant products, along with a few of our latest innovations, all designed to support you and your workers return to work safely during the global COVID-19 outbreak.

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ArmorGard Barrobox Mobile Site Security Box BB2 New

ArmorGard Barrobox Mobile Site Security Box BB2

ArmorGard Barrobox Mobile Site Security BoxTool theft is a serious problem for all tradesmen. BarroB..

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