Diamond Tools

Diamond Tools

As one of the world’s strongest materials, it’s easy to understand why diamonds are one of the best elements to use to craft tools. Diamond tools allow you to accomplish projects that are typically impossible with other tools that don’t utilize diamonds.


That’s because diamond tools have diamond pigment attached to the part of the tool that cuts, grinds or drills — making it possible to slice, grind, and drill holes in abrasive materials. The strength of the diamond pigment adds a super-power quality to typical steel tools.

Diamonds have an extreme hardness and a high melting point which make them perfect for construction tools. Synthetically produced diamonds are often used in the tool-making process, but in some cases, diamonds fit for jewellery can be used. This, of course, makes diamond tools slightly more expensive than others, but they stand the test of time, and they can accomplish things that no other tool can. Not to mention, they’re extremely precise.

In order to craft diamond tools, the diamond pigment is melted into drill bits, saw blades, concrete grinders, and more. This allows contractors to complete a wide variety of projects which would be nearly impossible with typical metal tools.

At Beton Tools, we offer a wide variety of diamond tools, including saw blades, drill bits, concrete grinders, and more. We also offer a variety of sizes and price ranges, making our tools perfect for any project. They’ll allow you to get the job done right — neatly, precisely, and efficiently, no matter what the project may be.

Safety always comes first, so we also offer the safety glasses to protect your eyes while working with our strong, versatile diamond tools.

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