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This 16 oz. curved claw nail hammer is forged in 1-piece solid steel, and fully polished. Balance an..
text_tax $86.74
Strong drop forged body Cuts round and irregular shapes DURAGRIP handles Tungsten – solid t..
text_tax $22.66
Features: • High-performance brushless motor with a long life of approx. 20,000 hours. • Heater with..
text_tax $1,279.00
Suits most rotating lasers. For vertical tripod or wall mount. Use on suspended ceiling secti..
text_tax $90.00
This Wide London pattern brick trowel is forged from a single piece of high grade tool steel Impa..
text_tax $127.16
Application: Granite, engineered stone, ceramic tile, concrete and glass. Details: Suitable for use ..
text_tax $38.50
Diarex Diaflex 1800 Metal Polishing Grade Disc 125mm DFD125VM1800For wet use on Granite, Marble, Eng..
text_tax $51.00
High carbon steel blade individually ground, polished, mirror finished and clear coated. Nylon Proje..
text_tax $11.80
Moving and connecting hose several times a day isn’t easy work. Each of the industrial hoses are des..
text_tax $2,360.00
Highest grade hardened and tempered spring steel blade with Xtralite® mounting Ideal for finishin..
text_tax $90.53
Klingspor  Aluminium oxide Satin Finishing Drum Bore 60 Grit 100x100x19mm 7325Even surface scra..
text_tax $85.95
A versatile, universal and highly effective range of insect repellents. It is suitable for every me..
text_tax $13.37
Staples 12mm 5000pkFeatures:Heavy DutyChisel PointsElectro GalvanizedSuits staple guns from GTPRO, R..
text_tax $15.36
Klingspor Fibre Disc Zirconia 100x16mm Round hole 36 Grit 23680Self-sharpening effect - High ag..
text_tax $1.06
The general purpose blade 10mm segment height All round performance Applications include: b..
text_tax $162.60
Heavy duty magnesium blade Bevelled ends and rounded corners Ergonomic DURAGRIP handle S..
text_tax $26.50
Klingspor Abrasive Cloth Roll Cotton/Glue/Aluminium oxide 180 grit 25x50000mm 337953Attractively pri..
text_tax $19.24
Strong thick steel Powder coated for protection and easy clean up Square mouth is perfect for sh..
text_tax $14.23
Professional quality Individually hardened Drop forged from special tool steel PVC DURAGRIP..
text_tax $38.96
FeaturesSolid, high strength steel base plate with curved edges provides top performance.Cast Iron w..
text_tax $2,000.00
Bushman Ultra Repellent Utilising high concentrations of DEET to ensure protection in the harshest ..
text_tax $11.55
The Intex Filler Nozzle Attachment is used with the Intex Loading Pump to fill the Intex Corner Boxe..
text_tax $79.38
Used for shaping raw polystyrene, and eliminating imperfections in the EPS system Used for cleani..
text_tax $17.33
Heavy duty structural alloy Reversible clamped handle Ergonomic grip handle Easy to clean p..
text_tax $103.07
text_tax $96.27
The Imex rotating laser level range has been specified by our construction trained team, designed by..
text_tax $1,220.00
Painters plastic buckets - Assorted sizesFeatures:Heavy duty bucketsHandlesLids available..
text_tax $9.30
Premium Quality Liquid Concrete Pump Primer Super Primer is. . . A premium concrete pumping aide w..
text_tax $11.77
OX Professional Fixed Formwork Brackett - 50mm OX-P103405 In Stock
PRODUCT CODE: OX-P101950Zinc platedPre-drilled nail holesUsed for forming 150mm brickwork rebate on ..
text_tax $10.27
Original Barikell Trowel Blades Slipper (4150) 4-90 (36”) PK4 Thickness 3mm To fit all 36" Trowel f..
text_tax $105.00
Marco Pesaro Blue Cloth Render Tape 48mm X 25m (30 Per Ctn) In Stock
Premium Render masking cloth with a grade 70 mesh Coated with a special UV resistant adhesive for..
text_tax $6.12
Arix Laser Welded Diamond Blade 5 inch Size 125x2.2x10  Bore 22.23 Made In Korea Used for T..
text_tax $45.00
One piece base - with built in extra grip handles One piece foam Firm foam for greater knee s..
text_tax $23.56
These diamonds are designed to run on medium and large planetary and rotary machines. They can also ..
text_tax $14.88
Compact tip up professional mixer MODEL BMA-OMXY - M33BAA  range of mixers for the profess..
text_tax $944.55
Sigma Pull Tile Cutter 95cm 37'' (67cmx67cm Diagonal) Art3d2Features:Easy grip pull handle.Di..
text_tax $490.00
1500mm long handle with soft grip Braced for additional strength Aluminium construction - pow..
text_tax $37.74
Strong poly buckets An essential for all building sites Orange 12L Heavy Duty ..
text_tax $10.81
OX Hopper Gun Replacement Nozzle 8mm for OX-T040308 -1%
Genuine OX parts Size 4mm 6mm 8mm ..
$3.44 $3.40
text_tax $3.09
Marco Pesaro Polyurethane Float - 320 X 180 Yellow In Stock
Made in Germany One piece lightweight polyurethane 925 is a trapezium shape Medium Polyurethane..
text_tax $12.48
15 Gauge nylon, knit wrist, nitrile foam coated palm Made of a high-performance nitrile, provid..
text_tax $3.16
Sigma Pull Tile Cutter 30'' (20x20 Diagonal) Art3c2Features:Easy grip pull handleDiamond scoring whe..
text_tax $403.64
'D' grip handle All steel, pressed and welded construction High visibility blue powder coated..
text_tax $12.68
Ideal for applying masonry coatings - cement render, and concrete re-surfacing products With ai..
text_tax $97.99
GTPRO Redback Concrete Super Screed 7 RBKSS7 -47%
Adjustable Concrete ScreedFeatures:One Screed 7 Functions:1 Level 6 Length Configurations (0.8m, 1.0..
$141.90 $75.00
text_tax $68.18
Marco Pro - German Premium Finishing Trowel - Golden Stainless - 355 X 120mm - Cork Handle In Stock
Ergonomic bi-component grip with 96% cork Blister-free work due to the cork handle, very comforta..
text_tax $69.50
Trowel Blades Finishing 4220 6-75 To suit Moskito walk-behind 6-75 30INCH 6 Bladed Edgi..
text_tax $113.64
High grade stainless steel blade Heavy duty aluminium shank 'Double hung' DURAGRIP handle S..
text_tax $34.99
Sigma Pull Tile Cutter 26" (18x18 Diagonal) Art2b3Features:Easy grip pull handleDiamond scoring whee..
text_tax $288.00
Sigma Pull Tile Cutter 14'' (10x10 Diagonal) Art2gFeatures:Easy grip pull handle.Diamond scoring whe..
text_tax $163.00
These diamonds are designed to run on medium and large planetary and rotary machines. They can also ..
text_tax $14.88
Weka DK1603 Carbon Brushes(each) ..
text_tax $9.09
Quality smooth timber block Black poly fibre bristles Bristle Area: 70 x 300mm ..
text_tax $13.09
Cast iron base 1219mm steel handle with rubber grip Used to flatten and smooth dirt, stone, asph..
text_tax $132.72
Suitable for 24" edging machines 4 Bladed Models M16 threads Heat treated - for better wear ..
text_tax $40.00
Sigma Tile Cutter 670mm ART3B4Designed to be used by professional and DIY, the Sigma 3B4 is Sigma's ..
text_tax $378.00
Lightweight for ease of use Extrude rake plate 45 degree edge angle 1500mm long handle with..
text_tax $36.65
 Steinel HG2320E Professional  Heat Gun -30%
HG 2320 E Established quality sets new standards. • New outstanding running time! • Precise workp..
$471.90 $330.00
text_tax $300.00
Atlas Copco Now Husqvarna  AMD3000 4.1HP Diesel Drive Unit -23%
ATLAS COPCO now ( Husqvarna ) AMD3000 4.1HP Diesel Drive Unit. 2x Only Left at this Price.AMD 3000 i..
$2,860.00 $2,200.00
text_tax $2,000.00
Bartell Scarifier CAGE BR-50078 -25%
Bartell Scarifier CAGE BR-50078 ..
$291.50 $220.00
text_tax $200.00
Battipav C/W Wheels And Blade 1100mm CLASS1100 -3%
Tile cutter for straight and jolly (45° angle) cuts of single and double fired ceramic, porcelain st..
$2,702.70 $2,629.00
text_tax $2,390.00
Battipav C/W Wheels And Blade 900mm CLASS900 -5%
Tile cutter for straight and jolly (45° angle) cuts of single and double fired ceramic, porcelain st..
$2,498.10 $2,361.70
text_tax $2,147.00
Battipav Series 855 Electric Tile Cutter 900mm VIP900 -8%
Tile cutter for straight and jolly (45° angle) cuts suitable for cutting single and double fired cer..
$1,958.00 $1,801.80
text_tax $1,638.00
Battipav Series 856 Electric Tile Cutter 1100mm VIP1100 -9%
Tile cutter for straight and jolly (45° angle) cuts suitable for cutting single and double fired cer..
$2,079.00 $1,887.60
text_tax $1,716.00
Battipav With Wheels, Laser, Lead & Plunge Handle 1000mm SUPREME100S -7%
SUPREME is a bridge saw ideal for cutting natural stones, granite and marble slabs.It makes cuts mov..
$4,290.00 $3,983.10
text_tax $3,621.00
Battipav With Wheels, Laser, Lead & Plunge Handle 1200mm SUPREME120S -4%
Bridge saw ideal for the building sector suitable for straight and 45° angle cuts of natural-stones,..
$4,508.90 $4,346.10
text_tax $3,951.00
Chapin Sprayer - Black Tank - Heavy Duty - Viton Seal -15%
Viton® seals and Gaskets TriPoxy Steel Tank with Large Tri-Lock opening Brass Spray handle, w..
$399.54 $340.00
text_tax $309.09
Chapin Sprayer - Red Tank - Viton Seal - 13.2 Ltrs -26%
Viton® seals and Gaskets TriPoxy Steel Tank with Large Tri-Lock opening Brass Spray handle, w..
$298.87 $220.00
text_tax $200.00
Core Drill Stand DRU160*** -5%
Product / User Benefits - The light weight under the drill rigs up to Ø 160 mm - Precision dri..
$1,452.00 $1,381.60
text_tax $1,256.00
Crommelins 18" Bluebird Lawn Dethatcher PR18 -9%
Crommelins 18" Bluebird Lawn Dethatcher PR18The Bluebird Dethatcher PR18 can cover an 18”..
$3,493.00 $3,190.00
text_tax $2,900.00
Crommelins 18" Petrol Groundhog NBN Trencher T418RP -11%
Crommelins 18" Petrol Groundhog NBN Trencher T418RP - T418DS - 170005 The 18" Groundhog Trenche..
$6,627.01 $5,900.00
text_tax $5,363.64
Crommelins 19" Bluebird Lawn Aerator 530 -13%
Crommelins 19" Bluebird Lawn Aerator 530The Bluebird Lawn Aerator provides for ease of o..
$6,742.00 $5,890.00
text_tax $5,354.55
Crommelins 2" Star Picket Driver Honda SP52CH -11%
Crommelins 2" Star Picket Driver Honda SP52CHFencing has never been easier with Crommelins Star Pick..
$1,579.00 $1,399.00
text_tax $1,271.82
Crommelins 2" Star Picket Driver SP52CR -11%
Crommelins 2" Star Picket Driver SP52CRFencing has never been easier with Crommelins Star Picket Pos..
$1,579.00 $1,399.00
text_tax $1,271.82
Crommelins 3" Star Picket Driver Honda SP82CH -10%
Crommelins 3" Star Picket Driver Honda SP82CHFencing has never been easier with Crommelins St..
$1,860.00 $1,679.00
text_tax $1,526.36
Crommelins 3" Star Picket Driver SP82CR -10%
Crommelins 3" Star Picket Driver SP82CRFencing has never been easier with Crommelins Star Pic..
$1,860.00 $1,679.00
text_tax $1,526.36
Crommelins 4.7hp Diesel Drive Unit DU47YD -6%
Crommelins 4.7hp Diesel Drive Unit DU47YDThis 4.7hp diesel drive unit powered by Yanmar will drive 2..
$3,183.00 $2,995.00
text_tax $2,722.73
Crommelins 5.3kVA Petrol Genset with Hirepack CG53RPH -5%
Crommelins 5.3kVA Petrol Genset with Hirepack CG53RPHA petrol powered, 5.3kVA Generator, with h..
$2,770.00 $2,640.00
text_tax $2,400.00
Crommelins 6.0hp Plate Compactor CC90RP -8%
The 6.0hp CC90RP Crommelins Plate Compactor is a popular choice for pavers, general contractors and..
$1,805.00 $1,660.00
text_tax $1,509.09
Crommelins GTM Elephants Trunk ET2 -6%
Crommelins GTM Elephants Trunk ET2 MHH01010N2Exclusive to CROMMELINS and new to the Australian ..
$575.00 $539.00
text_tax $490.00
Crommelins Honda Plate Compactor CC90HP -8%
Crommelins Honda Plate Compactor CC90HPThe GX200 Crommelins Compactor has a front exciter and a fron..
$1,838.00 $1,690.00
text_tax $1,536.36
Cromtech 2.4kw Outback CTG2500i -16%
Cromtech 2.4kw Outback CTG2500iThe most compact and lightest model in its class! the new 2.4kVA CROM..
$995.01 $839.00
text_tax $762.73
Cromtech 3.0kw Brumby CTG3000i -15%
Cromtech 3.0kw Brumby CTG3000iThe 3.0kw digital compact styled generator comes with a digital displa..
$1,395.00 $1,190.00
text_tax $1,081.82
Cub Floor Grinder Wet or Dry 250mm ART-CUB -15%
THOR CUB Floor Grinder This compact, single head, light weight, single phase grinder is ideal fo..
$2,599.00 $2,200.00
text_tax $2,000.00
Cutting Edge Saw Rebar Cutter -33%
This compact and lightweight tool has a 3-position removable side handle and a rotating trigger hand..
$990.00 $660.00
text_tax $600.00
Diamond Grinding Wedge Block -33%
Diamond Grinding Wedge Block,Diamond Wedge Blocks are suited for the Masterfinsh or Flextool Grindin..
$132.00 $88.00
text_tax $80.00
DTA Laser Welded Core Drill Bits 140mm x 400mm -29%
DTA Australia Professional Laser Welded Wet Core Drill Bits   10mm Segments 400mm Long W..
$198.00 $140.00
text_tax $127.27
Crommelins Diesel Flex Drive Unit,5hpSubaru Robin Diesel EngineStock Code: DU53DProduct Code: DU 53 ..
text_tax $1,500.00
OX Professional 24" Trowelling Machine 5.5hp OX-PT24 -27%
OX Professional 24" Trowelling Machine 5.5hp OX-PT24Features:Suitable for edging against walls, part..
$2,190.38 $1,595.00
text_tax $1,450.00
Eibenstock Drill Stand Quick Change BST152S -75%
Suits Eibenstock and Ramset RM160 ..
$2,200.00 $550.00
text_tax $500.00
Eibenstock EFB151PX Tile Drilling Machine Wet 120.0mm BRAND NEW -82%
Precise drilling of even the hardest tiles and plates with minimum effort The tile drilling machin..
$2,466.09 $440.00
text_tax $400.00
Eibenstock EHB32/2.2RR/L Hand Held Drilling Machine 2x Speed -68%
Features • Soft start and thermal overload for the protection of the machine and the user (EHB 32/2..
$1,387.49 $440.00
text_tax $400.00
Eibenstock ETN162/3 Diamond Core Drill Wet/Dry 2200w 3xSpeed and Stand BST152S -41%
DRILL AND STAND PACK Features: • Electronic – soft start, temperature control and over load pr..
$2,850.00 $1,690.00
text_tax $1,536.36
Eibenstock ETS225 Dry Wall Sander Lightweight 225.0mm -82%
Eibenstock ETS 225 Dry Wall Sander Lightweight 225.0mmUSE:Sanding operations for the dry-wall constr..
$613.90 $110.00
text_tax $100.00
Eibenstock Filter Cassettes Polyester 35301000 -55%
Eibenstock Filter Cassettes Polyester 35301000To suit Starmix, Eibenstock, Metabo (631934000) a..
$242.00 $110.00
text_tax $100.00
Eibenstock Magnetic Drill Rig B30 09506 -74%
Eibenstock Magnetic Drill Rig B30 09506Use:Safety drilling and milling overhead and on sloping steel..
$1,703.90 $440.00
text_tax $400.00
OX Adjustable Plumbers Basin Wrench -73%
Telescopic basin nut wrench Reversible Jaw for easy access 4 adjustment sizes 10 to 32mm Ja..
$41.47 $11.00
text_tax $10.00
OX Professional 18TPI Hacksaw Blades - 4pk -82%
Suit OX-P130730 hacksaw  Cuts aluminium, iron, copper, carbon steel and hard plastic ..
$12.47 $2.20
text_tax $2.00
OX Ultimate 25mm Wet Diamond Core Drill - Hex Shank -82%
The ULTIMATE in quality Hex shank Applications: porcelain, ceramic and natural stone ..
$91.70 $16.50
text_tax $15.00
With water injection to generate a filler slurry Plaster Finishing Machine ROKAMAT WET is the rig..
text_tax $2,362.73
Long-necked sponge float with powerful lithium-ion battery pack No.: 35000 Mechanical floating wi..
text_tax $2,722.73
Rokamat Heron Combined lightness and power No.: 60100 ·      ..
text_tax $1,771.82
MARKET PREMIERE! Concrete Power Trowel Rokamat Hand Held Trowel Machine SKATE Ideal surface..
text_tax $2,000.00
ROKAMAT NAUTILO Plaster Finishing MachineFelting on scaffoldings can be very laborious. To time-con..
text_tax $2,408.00
ROKAMAT DRY Plaster Finishing MachineFor All Western Australia Sales on Rokamat Plastering Finishing..
text_tax $2,263.00
ROKAMAT CHAMELEON Cleaning Machine ..
text_tax $2,362.73
The light weight Universal Machine No.: 20000 Externally Insulated Finish System and External Therm..
text_tax $2,226.00
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 1.3m ..
text_tax $1,311.24
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 2.0m ..
text_tax $1,353.86
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 3.0m ..
text_tax $1,411.52
ROKAMAT FOX Wireless Grinder for EIFS and ETICS ..
text_tax $2,181.00
ROKAMAT GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder          Double removal rate compare..
text_tax $1,999.09
ROKAMAT GEX P Parquet Grinder ..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT GEX Renovation Grinder This one stands out amongst the renovation sanders: The ROKAMAT G..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT HEDGEHOG Clean Cleaning MachineRemoving concrete residues of formwork elements and at the s..
text_tax $1,999.00
Wireless Hot-Wire Cutter No.: 52000 Façade insulation made easy: There is an intelligent solution f..
text_tax $3,635.45
ROKAMAT PIRANHA Miller Tuck PointingProduct advantagesLow-vibrationRobust aluminium housingMoto..
text_tax $2,499.00
Rokamat PIRANHA Tuckpointing and Wall ChasingProduct advantagesRobust aluminium housingMotor separat..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT Rucksack Back Pack Vacuum CleanerProduct advantagesFreedom of movementLarge filter bags, cap..
text_tax $1,362.73
ROKAMAT TAPIR M35 Constant Clean Vacuum Cleaner ..
text_tax $1,408.00
ROKAMAT TITANO Grinder - Short- and long-necked sander for both drywall and aggressive grindingProdu..
text_tax $1,817.00
ROKAMAT Wireless Rucksack Vacuum Cleaner·        Powerful re..
text_tax $2,453.64

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