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Ox Tool Heavy Duty Wood Chisel Set - 5 Piece OX-P371005 New
Ox Tool Heavy Duty Wood Chisel Set - 5 Piece OX-P371005Features:5Pc wood chisel setSizes 6, 13, 19, ..
text_tax $74.22
OX Trade Snap Off Knife - 18mm (24pk) - OX-T224018-24 New
OX Trade Snap Off Knife - 18mm (24pk) - OX-T224018-2418mm Snap Off BladeAuto Lock FeatureRubber Grip..
text_tax $46.78
OX Pro 500mm Floor Scraper Blade Replacement OX-P059720 New
OX Professional 500mm Floor Scraper Blade ReplacementFeatures:Spring steel blade..
text_tax $27.28
OX Pro Replacement Safety Scraper Blade (17 x 90mm) - 5pk OX-P050909 New
OX Pro Replacement Safety Scraper Blade (17 x 90mm) - 5pk..
text_tax $3.60
OX Professional Ratchet Tie Down Strap (50mm x 9M) OX-P201109 New
OX Professional Ratchet Tie Down Strap (50mm x 9M)50mm x 9M Blue Polyester Strap2 Protective sleeves..
text_tax $19.26
OX Trade Handsaw with Plastic Grip - 500mm OX-T130950 New
OX Trade Handsaw with Plastic Grip - 500mm OX-T130950500mm/20" Trade HandsawDual angle, 8tpi Teeth f..
text_tax $11.33
OX Pro 1400W Mixing Drill OX-P284 New
OX Pro 1400W Mixing Drill OX-P284Lock Button for Continuous ActivationTrigger Switch (ON/OFF)Gear Se..
text_tax $188.33
Battipav Extra 3300s Superlunger Tile, Stone and Glass Cutter New
EXTRA 3300 S Superlunga is a new radial tile cutter ideal for straight and 45° angle cuts on oversiz..
text_tax $9,000.00
Thor Tools Diamond Wallsaw Blade Hydraulic 24" 600mm New
HS blades specifically designed for High Speed 2 stroke power cutters and lower speed hydraulic mac..
text_tax $745.00
RGC S-24 Hydraulic Concrete Cutting SawThe RGC S-24 Hydraulic Concrete Cutting Saw uses hydraulic ..
text_tax $4,963.00
ThorTools Beton Quick Set Grout is a Class C high quality, free flowing non- shrink, expanding, hig..
text_tax $75.00
The ULTIMATE in quality 1/2" BSP male thread Applications: porcelain, ceramic and natural sto..
text_tax $214.00
The ULTIMATE in quality 1/2" BSP male thread Applications: porcelain, ceramic and natural sto..
text_tax $152.00
The ULTIMATE in quality 1/2" BSP male thread Applications: porcelain, ceramic and natural sto..
text_tax $112.00
Bartell New Verison TS88 Ride-On Trowel Overlapping – TITAN 88 Pre-Order
A GREAT LITTLE RIDER FOR FINISHING ONLY6″ lower to the ground19” height from bottom of foot to seatL..
text_tax $23,718.18
Planks Aluminium 3000mmFeatures:Designed for commercial use on trade sites as well as around the hom..
text_tax $145.00
Fully forged one piece steel construction Unsurpassed balance and temper Fully polished hea..
text_tax $96.53
The unique Intex Closet Troll..
text_tax $201.69
DURAGRIP handle High quality, lightweight and tempered aluminium blade mounted with 6 rivets fo..
text_tax $26.93
Ultra tough heavy duty tape Easy tear Strong adhesion Ideal for securing, sealing, holding, rep..
text_tax $8.51
Ductile Iron Saw Blades feature Swirl Electroplated Diamond Side Protection on the core specifically..
text_tax $104.55
Heavy duty aluminium shank 'Double hung' DURAGRIP handle Stainless steel rivets holds the bla..
text_tax $29.51
Aluminum construction, powder coated Braced for additional strength 60" Long Soft grip end-cap ..
text_tax $84.47
Used for sanding drywall joints Made of reinforced die cast aluminum bonded to a foam rubber pad ..
text_tax $60.54
Carbon steel blade & aluminium shank  DURAGRIP handle  Size: 115 x 356mm N..
text_tax $16.39
Manufactured from shock absorbing multi filament nylon with 8 and 12 plait construction. This line i..
text_tax $6.29
Guaranteed to cut all masonry construction products including metal Excellent fast cut on unive..
text_tax $44.86
Technical Data: •Power input: 2,300 W • Rated voltage: 230 V ~ • Rated speed: 480/1,080/2,350 rpm • ..
text_tax $1,800.00
Moskito Walk Behind Power Trowel 6-75 cm750mm Floating DiskFoldable Handle6 Blades Ho..
text_tax $2,536.36
Drive unit for the mechanical Vibrators - Diesel -62%
Pick Up in Leichhardt NSW 2040 ShopOnly Two at this priceDiesel Drive Unit for Vibrators and Pumps..
$2,860.00 $1,100.00
text_tax $1,000.00
Drive unit Honda GX160 AMG3200 -72%
Pick Up in Leichhardt NSW 2040 ShopOnly Five at this priceThe drive units are designed to run pokers..
$990.00 $275.00
text_tax $250.00
Eibenstock Drill Stand Quick Change BST152S -75%
Suits Eibenstock and Ramset RM160 ..
$2,200.00 $550.00
text_tax $500.00
Eibenstock DSS25A Industrial Vacuum Wet/Dry 25.0Ltr -30%
Vacuuming of sludges (wet) Cleaning of cars, living and business rooms FEATURES: ..
$1,100.00 $770.00
text_tax $700.00
Eibenstock DSS35MIP Industrial "PermaClean" Vacuum Wet/Dry 35.0Ltr -52%
Features:M CLASS VAC • Automatic filter cleaning (electromagnetic pulse) – cleaning of the filter, ..
$1,831.50 $880.00
text_tax $800.00
Eibenstock EFB151PX Tile Drilling Machine Wet 120.0mm -82%
Precise drilling of even the hardest tiles and plates with minimum effort The tile drilling machin..
$2,466.09 $440.00
text_tax $400.00
Eibenstock EHB32/2.2RR/L Hand Held Drilling Machine 2x Speed -68%
Features • Soft start and thermal overload for the protection of the machine and the user (EHB 32/2..
$1,387.49 $440.00
text_tax $400.00
Eibenstock END712P Diamond Mini Wet Blind Hole Drill 18.0mm -61%
Eibenstock’s END 712 P is designed with a keyless chuck system. Eibenstock END712P Diamond Mini W..
$847.44 $330.00
text_tax $300.00
DRILL AND STAND PACK Features: • Electronic – soft start, temperature control and over load pr..
text_tax $1,813.64
Eibenstock ETS225 Dry Wall Sander Lightweight 225.0mm -73%
Eibenstock ETS 225 Dry Wall Sander Lightweight 225.0mmUSE:Sanding operations for the dry-wall constr..
$613.90 $165.00
text_tax $150.00
Eibenstock Filter Cassettes Polyester 35301000 -55%
Eibenstock Filter Cassettes Polyester 35301000To suit Starmix, Eibenstock, Metabo (631934000) a..
$242.00 $110.00
text_tax $100.00
Eibenstock Magnetic Drill Rig B30 09506 -74%
Eibenstock Magnetic Drill Rig B30 09506Use:Safety drilling and milling overhead and on sloping steel..
$1,703.90 $440.00
text_tax $400.00
Flextool Drive Unit Electric 240v / 1.5kw F03045 -22%
Flextool 240V Electric Drive Units provide a portable power source for a wide range of flexible shaf..
$1,826.00 $1,430.00
text_tax $1,300.00
GTPRO Redback Concrete Super Screed 7 RBKSS7 -48%
Adjustable Concrete ScreedFeatures:One Screed 7 Functions:1 Level 6 Length Configurations (0.8m, 1.0..
$141.90 $74.00
text_tax $67.27
With water injection to generate a filler slurry Plaster Finishing Machine ROKAMAT WET is the rig..
text_tax $2,362.73
Long-necked sponge float with powerful lithium-ion battery pack No.: 35000 Mechanical floating wi..
text_tax $2,722.73
Rokamat Heron Combined lightness and power No.: 60100 ·      ..
text_tax $1,771.82
MARKET PREMIERE! Concrete Power Trowel Rokamat Hand Held Trowel Machine SKATE Ideal surface..
text_tax $2,000.00
ROKAMAT NAUTILO Plaster Finishing MachineFelting on scaffoldings can be very laborious. To time-con..
text_tax $2,408.00
ROKAMAT DRY Plaster Finishing MachineFor All Western Australia Sales on Rokamat Plastering Finishing..
text_tax $2,263.00
ROKAMAT CHAMELEON Cleaning Machine ..
text_tax $2,362.73
The light weight Universal Machine No.: 20000 Externally Insulated Finish System and External Therm..
text_tax $2,226.00
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 1.3m ..
text_tax $1,311.24
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 2.0m ..
text_tax $1,353.86
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 3.0m ..
text_tax $1,411.52
ROKAMAT FOX Wireless Grinder for EIFS and ETICS ..
text_tax $2,181.00
ROKAMAT GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder          Double removal rate compare..
text_tax $1,999.09
ROKAMAT GEX P Parquet Grinder ..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT GEX Renovation Grinder This one stands out amongst the renovation sanders: The ROKAMAT G..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT HEDGEHOG Clean Cleaning MachineRemoving concrete residues of formwork elements and at the s..
text_tax $1,999.00
Wireless Hot-Wire Cutter No.: 52000 Façade insulation made easy: There is an intelligent solution f..
text_tax $3,635.45
ROKAMAT PIRANHA CutterProduct advantagesRobust aluminium housingMotor separated from cutting device ..
text_tax $1,999.00
text_tax $2,499.00
ROKAMAT Rucksack Back Pack Vacuum CleanerProduct advantagesFreedom of movementLarge filter bags, cap..
text_tax $1,362.73
ROKAMAT TAPIR M35 Constant Clean Vacuum Cleaner ..
text_tax $1,408.00
ROKAMAT TITANO Grinder - Short- and long-necked sander for both drywall and aggressive grinding ..
text_tax $1,817.00
ROKAMAT Wireless Rucksack Vacuum Cleaner·        Powerful re..
text_tax $2,453.64

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