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Marshalltown PermaShape Golden Stainless Finishing Trowel with DuraSoft Handle MT145GSFPDXH New
Marshalltown PermaShape Golden Stainless Finishing Trowel with DuraSoft Handle MT145GSFPDXH Feature..
Cromtech 12″ Ventilator AP110012 When you need to move fresh air in or pump stale/contaminated..
text_tax $338.18
ADAMAS Drill Stand Ø150mm B13 New
ADAMAS Drill Stand B13 The Adamas B13 drill rig is a professional quality stand suitable for a wide..
text_tax $900.00
CORE Drilling Motor Machine CX 20-C3P New
CORE Drilling Motor Machine CX 20-C3P The 2000 Watt motor and 3-speed gearbox make this machine ide..
text_tax $1,362.73
Soroto Main Switch For 80L 100L 120L New
Soroto Main Switch For 80L 100L 120L..
text_tax $350.00
Rokamat Premium Package "Removing Wallpaper" New In Stock
Rokamat Premium Package "Removing Wallpaper"To suit Chameleon 20000Package Consists of the following..
text_tax $483.00
SoRoTo Safety grid (CE below) 120.019 New
Safety grid (CE below) 120 litre..
text_tax $262.73
SoRoTo Mixer arms, complete 4 Pcs. 120.023 New
SoRoTo Mixer arms, complete = 4 Pcs. To Suit 120 Litre SoRoTo Mortar Mixer This item contains the fo..
text_tax $930.00
Thor Tools Trowel Machine Lifting Hook For 24" and 30" Trowel Machines New In Stock
Thor Tools Trowel Machine Lifting Hook For 24" and 30" Trowel MachinesLifting Hook Mounts in Between..
text_tax $160.00
MIRKA DEOS 383CV 70 X 198MM CV ORBIT 3,0 MID3830201AN New
MIRKA DEOS 383CV 70 X 198MM CV ORBIT 3,0 This lightweight, compact and low-profile sander gets clos..
text_tax $800.00
One piece moulded handle + blade Soft - Long life "sponge-rubber" material Made in the EU ..
text_tax $36.63
ENAR 58mm X 6m Vibrator Shaft With Resilient Tip ENA58RFlexible vibration shafts provide high freque..
text_tax $985.50
Klingspor Cutting Off Wheel Special Flat 15300 rpm Inox 5x10-pack Hard Discs 100x1x16mm 326295Free o..
text_tax $94.50
Made of heavy gauge stainless steel Resilient DuraSoft® handle provides a soft feel, reduces fa..
text_tax $84.06
Klingspor Fibre Disc Zirconia 100x16mm Round hole Top coat 80 Grit 204826Self-sharpening effect..
text_tax $0.85
Maxisafe ORANGE SHIELD Extra Heavy Duty Nitrile Gloves GNO208 Features: Amazing dexterity and feel..
text_tax $25.00
Features: • Selectable Stroke or Pulling force control • Automatic drill-on function • Extremely fas..
text_tax $3,144.55
SoRoTo Stud bolt for pole 300.017A..
text_tax $465.23
Manufactured from shock absorbing multi filament nylon with 8 and 12 plait construction. This line i..
text_tax $8.27
GTPRO Trademark Key Lock For Access Panels ″MDF Doors Only″ TMAPKLOCK1 x Key lock for Trademark MDF ..
text_tax $3.00
Engineered plastic Professional Quality Steel Hinges Full Sealed Blister Pack Bevelled edge..
text_tax $16.05
Maxisafe ‘Nevada’ Safety Glasses Features: Medium impact protection AS/NZS 1337.1:2010 BMP 557823..
text_tax $6.00
Ball head allows for consistent joints from every angle Compact design fits into pocket..
text_tax $36.75
Suitable for 34″ machines 3⁄8″ BSW threads Heat treated - for better wear Boxed for easy st..
text_tax $51.64
Planks Aluminium 3000mmFeatures:Designed for commercial use on trade sites as well as around the hom..
text_tax $174.25
Kraft Flexible Gunite Spiked Shoes HC177Protect your work and bring air bubbles out of applications ..
text_tax $37.01
Laser welded 12mm segment for long life Will cut: asphalt, green concrete Code Dia..
text_tax $236.67
PRODUCT CODE: OX-T189424 Genuine parts ..
text_tax $18.07
Klingspor Special Zirconia Flap Disc 6° 80 Grit 125x22mm 321709High material removal rates - Conside..
text_tax $9.87
Diarex Diaflex 1800 Resin Polishing Sheet Self Adhesive DFS75/75.5For wet use on Granite, Marble, En..
text_tax $17.00
Klingspor Abrasive 25x25mm Cotton Aluminium oxide Spiral Sleeve 80 Grit 328368Advantages: Tear-..
text_tax $1.25
TOP GRAFER 20/22 Light and handy tool 2 built-in wire cutter up to 3 mm thickness 50 staple mag..
text_tax $64.06
Klingspor Abrasive 38x25mm Cotton Aluminium oxide Spiral Sleeve 120 Grit 328365Advantages: Tear..
text_tax $1.60
Maxisafe ‘Portland’ Safety Glasses Features: Ultra Lightweight and frameless design with curved te..
text_tax $5.00
Maxisafe ‘Grey Knight’ PU Coated XLarge Brown Glove GNP136-10Features:Grey polyurethane coated palm ..
text_tax $2.50
The exclusive Intex Automatic Flat Boxes ?crown the joint?, consistently dispense the correct amount..
text_tax $663.39
Full length tang-blade continues through handle to a built-in hammer end  Ergonomic DURAGR..
text_tax $10.19
With water injection to generate a filler slurry Plaster Finishing Machine ROKAMAT WET is the rig..
text_tax $2,635.45
Long-necked sponge float with powerful lithium-ion battery pack No.: 35000 Mechanical floating wi..
text_tax $3,000.00
Rokamat Heron Combined lightness and power No.: 60100 ·      ..
text_tax $1,971.82
MARKET PREMIERE! Concrete Power Trowel Rokamat Hand Held Trowel Machine SKATE Ideal surface..
text_tax $2,200.00
ROKAMAT NAUTILO Plaster Finishing MachineFelting on scaffoldings can be very laborious. To time-con..
text_tax $3,000.00
ROKAMAT DRY Plaster Finishing Machine ..
text_tax $2,544.55
The light weight Universal Machine No.: 20000 Externally Insulated Finish System and External Therm..
text_tax $2,226.00
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 1.3mA lightweight and handy helper for compacting concrete is the ROKAMAT..
text_tax $1,311.24
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 2.0mA lightweight and handy helper for compacting concrete is the ROKAMAT ..
text_tax $1,353.86
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 3.0mA lightweight and handy helper for compacting concrete is the ROKAMAT ..
text_tax $1,411.52
ROKAMAT FOX Wireless Grinder for EIFS and ETICS ..
text_tax $2,271.82
ROKAMAT GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder          Double removal rate compare..
text_tax $1,999.09
ROKAMAT GEX P Parquet Grinder ..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT GEX Renovation Grinder This one stands out amongst the renovation sanders: The ROKAMAT G..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT HEDGEHOG Clean Cleaning MachineRemoving concrete residues of formwork elements and at the s..
text_tax $1,999.00
Wireless Hot-Wire Cutter No.: 52000 Façade insulation made easy: There is an intelligent solution f..
text_tax $3,635.45
ROKAMAT PIRANHA Miller Tuck PointingProduct advantagesLow-vibrationRobust aluminium housingMoto..
text_tax $2,499.00
Rokamat PIRANHA Tuckpointing and Wall ChasingProduct advantagesRobust aluminium housingMotor separat..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT Rucksack Back Pack Vacuum CleanerProduct advantagesFreedom of movementLarge filter bags, cap..
text_tax $1,362.73
ROKAMAT TITANO Grinder - Short- and long-necked sander for both drywall and aggressive grindingProdu..
text_tax $1,817.00

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