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Auscon Self Levelling Cement SL-50 New
Auscon Self Levelling Cement SL-50Auscon SL 50 is a blend of Portland cement, graded aggregates, pol..
Auscon Super High Strength Non-shrink Grout SHS-120 New
Auscon Super High Strength Non-shrink Grout SHS-120Auscon SHS 120 is a one component cement powder w..
Auscon Rapid Set Pocket & Pan Fill RS-25 New
Auscon Rapid Set Pocket & Pan Fill RS-25Auscon RS 25 is designed for patching of post tensioning..
Auscon Light Weight Concrete Patch LW-40 New
Auscon Light Weight Concrete Patch LW-40Auscon LW 40 light weight concrete patch is designed for the..
Auscon High Build Concrete Repair HB-40 New
Auscon High Build Concrete Repair HB-40HB 40 High Build Concrete Repair is a trowelable, easy to app..
Auscon General Purpose Non-shrink Grout GP-50 New
Auscon General Purpose Non-shrink Grout GP-50Auscon GP 50 new generation General Purpose Non-Shrink ..
Auscon Floor Screed Cement & Sand Mix FS-35 New
Auscon Floor Screed Cement & Sand Mix FS-35Auscon FS Floor tilers’ screed is 1 to 3 cement and s..
Auscon Rapid Set Feather Floor Patch FF-8 New
Auscon Rapid Set Feather Floor Patch FF-8Auscon FF 8 is an underlayment floor patching and skim coat..
Auscon Feather Patch Concrete Wall Repair FC-5 New
Auscon Feather Patch Concrete Wall Repair FC-5Auscon FC 5 Feather Patch is a state-of-the-art concre..
Makinex Makinex Floor Stripper Blades VS-B New
Makinex Makinex Floor Stripper Blades VS-BThe Makinex Floor Stripper, previously known as the Samy F..
text_tax $27.00
ENAR 48mm X 6m Vibrator Shaft ENA48Flexible vibration shafts provide high frequency vibration from a..
text_tax $742.50
Klingspor Zirconia Quick Change Disc 80 Grit 76mm 295322Aggressive abrasive behavior due to self-sha..
text_tax $1.57
Features • Soft start for less splashing • Temperature control • Stepless speed regulation and const..
text_tax $600.00
Masterfinish by Ag Pulie Single Disc Grinder G1-AThe Masterfinish Floor Grinder has a robust steel c..
text_tax $2,902.50
Masterfinish by AG Pulie Stainless Walk Trowel RR 557 In Stock
Masterfinish by AG Pulie Stainless Walk Trowel RR 557Trowel concrete floors from a standing position..
text_tax $79.18
Masterfinish by AG Pulie 750mm Finishing Broom 1573Timber brooms are made with high quality hair and..
text_tax $60.55
Universal dry diamond core drill in all popular plumbers sizes up to 180mm. Slotted barrel prov..
text_tax $103.07
To fit into a scutch comb holder  For preparation of surface prior to re-rendering  ..
text_tax $12.90
The Mach™ 1 is an economical choice for basic hearing protection in short-term situations. The adjus..
text_tax $23.61
Bit Tip 25mm Single Ended 10pkFeatures:¼” Universal Phillips® Insert Bits, with optimum full body ha..
text_tax $7.52
Imex Aluminium Frame/Carbon Steel Dip Tape 10M 007-414ES10Features:Standard type in accuracy class I..
text_tax $112.35
Carbon steel stamped blade Strong welds and soft grip handle for user comfort Code ..
text_tax $11.95
Gypsum premium package 34305To Suit Rokamat Rendering Finishing MachinesDryWetNautilo Including ..
text_tax $445.45
Klingspor Aluminium oxide Velcro Disc Paper GLS20 240 Grit 205mm 245896High removal rate - For diver..
text_tax $1.45
The general purpose blade 10mm segment height All round performance Applications include: b..
text_tax $14.10
Blades are made of spring steel Complete With Brace Blade Size-mm: 150 200 300 355 ..
text_tax $49.13
Here are our SDS MAX masonry drill bits. These high quality, extra strength drill bits will ensure y..
text_tax $48.00
text_tax $168.98
This sprayer is specially designed to spray sealer material on concrete, tiles or stone. It provides..
text_tax $359.09
Montolit DNA EVO3 DBT125CGXA super-professional continuous rim blade for wet-cutting Porcelain and o..
text_tax $82.00
With water injection to generate a filler slurry Plaster Finishing Machine ROKAMAT WET is the rig..
text_tax $2,362.73
Long-necked sponge float with powerful lithium-ion battery pack No.: 35000 Mechanical floating wi..
text_tax $2,722.73
Rokamat Heron Combined lightness and power No.: 60100 ·      ..
text_tax $1,771.82
MARKET PREMIERE! Concrete Power Trowel Rokamat Hand Held Trowel Machine SKATE Ideal surface..
text_tax $2,000.00
ROKAMAT NAUTILO Plaster Finishing MachineFelting on scaffoldings can be very laborious. To time-con..
text_tax $2,408.00
ROKAMAT DRY Plaster Finishing Machine ..
text_tax $2,263.00
ROKAMAT CHAMELEON Cleaning Machine ..
text_tax $2,362.73
The light weight Universal Machine No.: 20000 Externally Insulated Finish System and External Therm..
text_tax $2,226.00
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 1.3m ..
text_tax $1,311.24
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 2.0m ..
text_tax $1,353.86
ROKAMAT Concrete Vibrator 3.0m ..
text_tax $1,411.52
ROKAMAT FOX Wireless Grinder for EIFS and ETICS ..
text_tax $2,181.00
ROKAMAT GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder          Double removal rate compare..
text_tax $1,999.09
ROKAMAT GEX P Parquet Grinder ..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT GEX Renovation Grinder This one stands out amongst the renovation sanders: The ROKAMAT G..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT HEDGEHOG Clean Cleaning MachineRemoving concrete residues of formwork elements and at the s..
text_tax $1,999.00
Wireless Hot-Wire Cutter No.: 52000 Façade insulation made easy: There is an intelligent solution f..
text_tax $3,635.45
ROKAMAT PIRANHA Miller Tuck PointingProduct advantagesLow-vibrationRobust aluminium housingMoto..
text_tax $2,499.00
Rokamat PIRANHA Tuckpointing and Wall ChasingProduct advantagesRobust aluminium housingMotor separat..
text_tax $1,999.00
ROKAMAT Rucksack Back Pack Vacuum CleanerProduct advantagesFreedom of movementLarge filter bags, cap..
text_tax $1,362.73

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