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Maxisafe ‘Polar Bear’ Fleece Lined Riggers GRL155 Features: Beige ‘A’ Grade Premium Cow Leather G..
text_tax $14.03
Cemtool 30" Finishing Blades CT30FB for CTRO30BSSpecifications:Cemtool 30" Finishing Blades Le..
text_tax $53.68
Intex Zippole Replacement non skid Plate ZIPH2Dimpled and rubberised anti-slip plates attach to spr..
text_tax $30.30
Maxisafe P3 Filter to suit RSYNC01VP3..
text_tax $40.45
Diarex White Polishing Disc 100 Grade 130mm DW.5V.100For Wet use on Engineered Stone.SpecificationPr..
text_tax $38.91
Diarex Super Wet Marble Polishing Disc 100mm POS 2 DS.4V.2For wet use on marble.Specifications:Produ..
text_tax $30.52
Features: Introduction the new generation. Ideal for removing sheeting, welding plastics, shrinking ..
text_tax $160.00
Maxisafe G-Force Mechanics Glove GMA113 Features: One piece synthetic leather construction with no..
text_tax $20.79
Masterfinish by AG Pulie Finishing Blade D34-3Carbon steel finishing trowelling machine blade Spec..
text_tax $62.73
Camping and sportsman’s Axes Complete with Sheath Nylon Vinyl Cutting Edge-mm: 102 L..
text_tax $168.07
L'outil Parfait 60cm Parfaitliss Scraping Stiff Blade Features: For laying and coating the reinfor..
text_tax $151.28
Masterfinish by AG Pulie Square Trowel  115 X 405mm Light 181AUsed where the pointed end trowel..
text_tax $47.33
Maxisafe Stimela ‘Superintendant’ Black Safety Toe & Midsole Gumboot Features & Benefits T..
text_tax $72.77
Solutions Sealers Protex Solvent-based Impregnating Sealer 20litre PROTEX Dense Stone Sealer is a s..
text_tax $974.00
Diarex Super Hybrid Polishing Disc 100mm Snailback Pos 3 DKH.4S.3For polishing flat edges on Granite..
text_tax $49.05
Intex PlasterX® Triangular Corner Pole Sander Kit (Incl. Sponge)Deluxe folding stools that are also ..
text_tax $76.57
ArmorGard TuffBank Site Box A new and improved version of our best-selling tool and equipment stora..
text_tax $1,078.00
Tsurumi Manual Electric Submersible Pump HS2.4SDurable trash pumps in 2 inches discharge & 1/2HP..
text_tax $478.40
Hi-Lap PVA Wheel 16HSuitable for chamfering & finishing of stone, it can also be used in metal f..
text_tax $25.56
L'outil Parfait 500mm AQUALISS’13 Non-drip Acrylic Matt Paint Roller 13mm woven polyester, gives..
text_tax $18.80

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