Power Tools

Power Tools

No modern construction site is complete without a bevy of power tools. From nail guns to sanders to drills, power tools are designed to make your job easier. These tools make a variety of common construction tasks much easier, allowing you to shift your focus to the bigger picture of managing your work site, not doing everything manually. 


Within the power tools category, you have two primary options available to you in terms of how the tools operate: electric and battery-powered. Each option has its own benefits and drawbacks. With electric tools, you'll have access to a constant power source, so you won't have to worry about stopping to recharge in the middle of a job. However, you'll be tethered to your power source, which gives you limited mobility. Extension cords can give you greater reach, but they could also pose a tripping hazard to other workers at your construction site. 

Battery-powered tools, on the other hand, allow you to work virtually anywhere, which gives you much greater flexibility in when and how you use your power tools. The main drawback, though, is that batteries can only hold so much power on a single charge, so you'll need to recharge the battery periodically. Battery life depends on the specific tool you are using and how you are using it, but you can typically expect to get a few hours from a single charge. 

We have a vast array of power tools on offer here at Beton Tools, and the amount of choice can seem a bit overwhelming at first. Our associates are always happy to help you narrow down your options to select the perfect power tools to meet your needs. Let us know if you have any questions, and we will gladly help you out. 

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