Wet Angle Polisher

Wet Angle Polisher
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FLEX L 12-3 100 WET Polisher

FLEX L 12-3 100 WET PolisherLightweight & powerful wet polisher with GFCI. Rubberised coupling f..

$792.00 Ex Tax: $720.00

FLEX L 12-3 100 WET Polisher

L123-100 Flex 5" Wet Stone Polisher, Single Speed New Water Feed System slim design water feed a..

$792.00 Ex Tax: $720.00

FLEX L 1503 VR Polisher

FLEX L 1503 VR PolisherPolisher with wide speed range.Features:VR electronic control: with tachogene..

$576.40 Ex Tax: $524.00

FLEX LE-12-3-100 WET Stone Polisher 115mm

1150 Watt Wet Stone Polisher with Variable Speed, Plug for Isolating Transformer, 115 mm Powerful..

$852.50 Ex Tax: $775.00

FLEX LK 602 VR Polisher

FLEX LK 602 VR PolisherVariable speed polisher ideal for  cleaning, polishing and care of stone..

$664.40 Ex Tax: $604.00

FLEX LW 1202 S Wet Polisher

1600 Watt Wet Stone Polisher with GFCI Circuit Breaker, 130 mm Central water supply through g..

$953.70 Ex Tax: $867.00

FLEX LW 802 VRS Wet Variable Speed Polisher 1800W

Flex LW 802 VR Heavy Duty Wet Stone Polisher / Grinder with Variable Speed Boasting 1,800 watts y..

$1,098.90 Ex Tax: $999.00