Sigma Tile Cutters

Porcelain tiles typically come in a square or rectangle, but what if your remodeling project calls for an angled piece of tile? More commonly, what if you need to simply resize a piece of tile? 


The answer is simple. Use a Sigma tile cutter to get the job done right. 

Whether you’re putting a new tile backsplash in your kitchen, redoing the tile in your bathroom, or creating a custom tile floor, this tool is ideal. Its easy-to-use design makes it simple for anyone to cut tile quickly and effectively.

The Sigma tile cutter is great for custom tile work because it allows you to cut even the roughest porcelain tile to the desired size. This means you’ll never have to guess if your last piece of tile will fit in the corner of your project.

These tile cutters make cutting tile easier than ever. You can rest assured that every piece will fit perfectly every time. In the long run, having an effective tile cutter will save you time and money - not to mention the headache of recutting tile.

Simply use the scoring blade on the tool by applying firm force to the tile. After scoring, you’ll be able to apply firm pressure to snap the tile at the location of your score. It’s that simple — and you can cut through tile as thick as 20mm in thickness.

At Beton Tools, we have a variety of Sigma tile cutters in stock. They range in price and ability, so you’ll be able to find one that’s perfect for your specific project.

Don’t forget safety! When working with tools like this to cut strong pieces of material, be sure to always protect your eyes. You should also be sure to wear protective gloves to minimize the possibility of cuts!

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Sigma 127cm Tile Cutter With Max2 Handle ART 3E4M

Sigma 127cm Tile Cutter With Max2 Handle Art3e4mThe Sigma Max Series 1270MM snap cutter is recommend..

$1,089.00 Ex Tax: $990.00

Sigma 129cm Tile Cutter Klick-klock Handle ART 3E4K

Sigma 129cm Tile Cutter Klick-Klock Handle ART3E4K1290mm Cutting CapacityPull Action Tile Cutter Wit..

$1,210.00 Ex Tax: $1,100.00

Sigma 205cm Manual Tile Cutter ART 12D

Sigma 205cm Manual Tile Cutter Art12dSigma Tile Cutter for the Professional Tiler - 'XL' Big Tile Cu..

$2,090.00 Ex Tax: $1,900.00

Sigma 245cm Large Format Tile Cutter ART 12E1

Sigma 245cm Large Format Tile Cutter ART12E1ART12E1 245 cm Ceramic Cutting Machine XL SeriesMaximum ..

$2,414.50 Ex Tax: $2,195.00

Sigma 301cm KERA-CUT Large Tile Cutter ART 8E-2

TILE CUTTER SIGMA 301cm KERA-CUT ART 8E2 The Kera-Cut features a sturdy aluminum beam used to gu..

$789.00 Ex Tax: $717.27

Sigma 33cm Manual Tile Cutter ART 7A

Sigma 33cm Manual Tile Cutter Art7aFeatures:Pull Action Heavy Duty Tile CutterReplaceable 12mm Scori..

$107.80 Ex Tax: $98.00

Sigma 35cm Tile Cutter ART 6

Sigma 350mm Tilecutter Professional model with fixed measurement, sprung metal table and thicknes..

$396.00 Ex Tax: $360.00

Sigma 55cm Tile Cutter Diagonal ART 3L

Sigma ART3L Tile Cutter DiagonalCutting Length - 550mmDiagonal Cut of Tile - 380mm x 380mmMax ..

$330.00 Ex Tax: $300.00

Sigma 75cm Manual Tile Cutter ART 4A

Sigma 75cm Manual Tile Cutter Art4aThe 75cm Sigma Tile Cutter designed and built by sigma Italia. Wi..

$495.00 Ex Tax: $450.00

Sigma Fixing Kit To Table ART 36C3 Suits ART 36A3

Fixing Kit to the Table for Bevel Skirting ..

$203.50 Ex Tax: $185.00

Sigma JOLLI-Angle Group Ready for Grinder ART 37A1

JOLLI-ANGLE Group Ready for Grinder Bosch GWS 7-115, 1380slim 3601C88111, GWS 7-125, or Makita..

$449.00 Ex Tax: $408.18

Sigma Jolly Wet Saw 75cm (Includes Stand And Blade) ART 10M9

Sigma Jolly Wet Saw 75cm (Includes Stand And Blade) Art10m9Suitable for bevelling and cutting all ma..

$2,854.50 Ex Tax: $2,595.00

Sigma Kera-cut 1510mm (1060x1060 Diagonal) ART 8C2

Sigma Kera-cut 1510mm 1060X1060 Diagonal ART8C2Features:Newest addition to the sigma line of tile cu..

$649.00 Ex Tax: $590.00

Sigma KERA-LIFT Large Format Tile Lifting Frame (3400mm x 1000mm) Art1b2

Sigma KERA-LIFT Large Format Tile Lifting Frame (3400mm x 1000mm) Art1b2Sigma Kera-Lift has been spe..

$1,538.90 Ex Tax: $1,399.00

Sigma Mosaic Table Art64b

Sigma Mosaic Table Art64bFeatures:Padded table for: 3G & 3L..

$108.90 Ex Tax: $99.00