Outdoor Power Equipment

When you're working outside on a construction project, you need to have the right tools by your side. At BetonTools, we have all the professional gear you need, including an extensive range of outdoor power equipment. If you're a builder, a concreter, a landscaper or someone else who works outdoors in the construction industry, access to high-quality outdoor power equipment is absolutely essential.


Our wide variety of outdoor equipment

If you're working outside on a construction project, electricity is needed to power your tools and fuel your working day. Mains electricity is not available during the early stages of many projects, with generators, portable engines and water pumps often needed to get the job done. From the early days of site preparation and excavation to the later stages of landscaping and garden design, access to reliable power is essential to many construction projects.

At BetonTools, we have what you need to carry out your work in safety and confidence. All of our equipment is manufactured by leading global and Australian brands, so you can rely on smart design and quality construction. We have a wide array of outdoor tools and equipment to choose from, including generators, ground care equipment, GTM elephant trunks, hoists and winches, post hole diggers, small engines, star picket drivers, submersible pumps, water pressure cleaners, water pumps and wood chippers.

Enjoy our huge range and fast shipping today

At BetonTools, we sell high-quality equipment for the construction sector. We have more than 20,000 items in-store at all times — from outdoor tools and equipment to specialised concrete and demolition gear. As an Australian-owned and operated company, we understand what makes the local industry tick. Along with great products and low prices, we offer friendly advice, after-sales service and consumer protections so you can shop in confidence.

If you need to power an outdoor project or quality tools to work in safety, please browse our website or reach out to our team today. 

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