Mirka Sanders & Abrasives

Mirka Ltd is a world leader in surface finishing technology and offers a broad range of ground breaking sanding solutions for the surface finishing and precision industry.



Decades of experience and a strong commitment to product development has seen us become a pioneering specialist in flexible abrasives and revolutionary, patented products which allow customers to enjoy a truly dust-free surface finishing process.


Additionally, we have through our innovative research and development program, also launched new micro finishing products for optimised engineered surface finishing processes, as well as a full range of polishing compounds.


Moreover, the growing Mirka Power Tools department develops and manufactures advanced sanding and polishing machines, providing outstanding ergonomic and functional benefits to users. These innovatively designed tools combined with a range of effective, high-quality accessories, give Mirka's customers unmatched access to a complete sanding solution to meet their individual needs.


Mirka is a globally expanding company with 18 subsidiaries located in Europe, Middle East, North and South America as well as Asia. Headquarters and production are located in Finland. More than 97% of our products are exported and sold in over 100 countries.


Mirka’s sanding and polishing tools portfolio consists of electric and pneumatic sanders, polishing machines, dust extractors, equipment, and tools for sanding walls and ceilings. Our power tools are backed by a complete range of spare parts, backing pads and other accessories to help you get the most from Mirka’s sanding solution.

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The Mirka DEOS 663CV (also called Mirka DEOS Delta) corner sander is part of Mirka’s DEOS – direct e..

$1,349.00 Ex Tax: $1,226.36

Mirka DEROS 625CV 150mm Central Vacuum Orbit 2,5 MID6252022AN

Mirka DEROS 625CV 150mm Central Vacuum Orbit 2,5 Direct electric random orbital sander developed fo..

$1,049.00 Ex Tax: $953.64

MIRKA DEROS 650CV 150MM Vacuum Orbit 5,0 AN MID6502022AN

MIRKA DEROS 650CV 150MM VACUUM ORBIT 5,0 AN This upgraded Mirka® DEROS features an integrated vibra..

$865.00 Ex Tax: $786.36

Mirka Dust Extractor 1025 L PC AU/NZ 230V 8999080111

MIRKA DUST EXTRACTOR 1025 L PC AU/NZ 230V Dust Extractor 1025 L is a compact but still high perform..

$999.00 Ex Tax: $908.18

Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 L Pc Au/Nz 230v 8999180111

Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 L Pc Au/Nz 230v 8999180111 Mirka’s dust extractors are specifically desig..

$1,069.00 Ex Tax: $971.82

MIRKA LEROS 225MM Wall & Ceiling Sander 5,0 MIW95020BAAN

MIRKA LEROS 225MM WALL & CEILING SANDER 5,0 Unique brushless wall and ceiling sander. The light..

$2,799.00 Ex Tax: $2,544.55

Mirka Sleeve + Cable 230V + Hose 10Mtrs AN MIE6515611AN

Mirka Sleeve + Cable 230V + Hose 10Mtrs AN MIE6515611ANDurable 10.0m sleeve designed to be used with..

$530.00 Ex Tax: $481.82

Mirka® Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC 230V 8999228111

Mirka® Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC 230V 8999228111 The 1230M AFC is the flagship unit of Mirka s extr..

$1,648.90 Ex Tax: $1,499.00

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