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For more than forty years, Ermator has been the world’s leading innovator in the design and manufacture of HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers that dramatically improve worker health and safety.

Ermator’s staff of engineers and designers are dedicated to producing HEPA dust extractor systems and air scrubbers that meet or exceed environmental and safety standards and pass on the benefits of cutting-edge technology to its customer’s in the construction, abatement and restoration industries.

Recent Ermator innovations include the Longopac system for dust-free bag changes, Jet Pulse filter cleaning, a unique power tool power outlet with an automatic on/off trigger, a specially designed drop-down disposal, a sound alarm for clogged/broken HEPA filters, and proactive maintenance features like manometers and hour meters which warn you when filter is clogged or broken.

Ermator’s approach to quality control is unmatched in the air cleaning and dust extraction industries. Every single HEPA filters is individually tested and certified at filtration rate 99.99% at 0.3 microns.

After more than forty years of leadership in the dust extraction and air cleaning industries, Ermator is a company you can trust.

Pullman-Holt is an 85-year-old, world-class manufacturer of HEPA vacuums and powered floor care equipment. Located in Tampa, Florida within an approximately 200,000 square foot facility, the company offers a complete line of HEPA vacuums and floor care equipment. Pullman-Holt is a privately held business having many long-time employees with countless years of experience in the cleaning products industry, who consider themselves part of the Pullman-Holt Family.

Pullman-Holt started manufacturing HEPA vacuums for the Navy in 1963. In the 70's, Pullman-Holt introduced a line of magenta coloured HEPA vacuums designed specifically for the nuclear energy industry. In 1985, the company introduced the first wet/dry HEPA vacuum to address new government required work practices for asbestos removal. This breakthrough design helped make Pullman-Holt a market leader in HEPA vacuums. Today, Pullman-Holt offers one of the broadest lines of portable HEPA vacuums sold to the Safety/Environmental, Restoration and Construction markets. There are dry-only and wet/dry models for recovering a wide range of hazardous materials including silica, lead, mold and anthrax. Current customers of Pullman-Holt HEPA vacuums include the US Navy, US Postal Service, US Department of Energy and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

In 2017 Husqvarna Construction Products acquired Pullman-Ermator. Prior to this, in 2013, Pullman-Holt was acquired by Pullman-Ermator, a Swedish manufacturer of HEPA dust extractors.

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Pullman Ermator Conical Pre-Filter 200900050

Pullman Ermator Conical Pre-Filter 200900050This filter fits Pullman-Ermator's S26 HEPA Dust Extract..

$181.50 Ex Tax: $165.00

Pullman Ermator Hepa Filter S-LINE 200700070A

Pullman Ermator Hepa Filter S-LINE 200700070APullman Ermator 200700070A HEPA Filter S-Line: FITS S14..

$165.00 Ex Tax: $150.00

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