Electric Angle Grinder

Electric Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are versatile hand-held tools used for a variety of purposes in construction and metalworking including cutting, sanding, grinding and polishing. Able to accept a number of disc-style attachments, they are an indispensable part of most construction sites. Thanks to the strength of angle grinder diamond blades, these tools are able to tackle jobs that otherwise would require far bulkier equipment. However, it is important that only high-quality tools for diamond angle grinders are used as poor-quality discs not only do not perform well, but they can also be very dangerous. Betontools’ diamond blades for grinders are precision-made tools ready to perform a range of tasks.


Our diamond cup grinding wheels are ideal for grinding concrete, brick, stone and other extremely tough materials. Relatively lightweight, vibration-resistant and boasting advanced features such as superior dust extraction, they also excel in the realm of safety concerns. With 4”, 4.5”, 5”, 6” and 7” sizes, you’ll be able to find the right one for your needs. For additional protection from harmful dust, we offer extremely effective dust shrouds for the different sizes of diamond angle grinder tools. Our dry diamond polishing pads come in a wide variety of grits and offer options like white resin bonding to prevent staining of light-coloured concrete. Our wet diamond polishing pads, meanwhile, are particularly suited to materials like granite, ceramic tile and glass. To keep your diamond angle grinder in prime working condition and to allow the fitting of additional tools, we also carry a variety of accessories and adapters.

Our inventory of angle grinder diamond blades and polishers gives your angle grinder the flexibility to perform a range of tasks. Premium brands like Klingspor, Thor, Eibenstock and Tryolit ensure top-class manufacturing quality, and you can buy online with further confidence thanks to our warranties against manufacturer defects. For the best in diamond tools for angle grinders, have a look at our inventory.

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Arbortech Tilers Mini Grinder Trade

Arbortech Tilers Mini Grinder Trade MIN.FG.610.00 Specifically designed for trade applications..

$349.00 Ex Tax: $317.27

Flex 1400 Watt Angle Grinder, 125 mm L3406VRG

Variable-speed 1400 watt angle grinder, 125 mm Features: VR microprocessor control: speed selectio..

$399.00 Ex Tax: $362.73

FLEX Angle Grinder 800W - 4"/100mm - L3709/100 -39%

FLEX Angle Grinder 800W - 4"/100mm - L3709/100

FLEX Angle Grinder 800W - 4"/100mm - L3709/100The Flex L 3709-100 is an 800-watt angle grinder which..

$99.00 $60.50 Ex Tax: $55.00

FLEX Cordless angle grinder with variable speed and brake 18.0 V L12518.0EC

Cordless angle grinder ACCUFLEX 18.0V, 125mmFeatures:Electronic management system (EMS) protects the..

$799.00 Ex Tax: $726.36

Metabo WE 15-125 QUICK Angle Grinder 600448190


$389.00 Ex Tax: $353.64

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