Dust Shrouds for Angle Grinders

Dust Shrouds for Angle Grinders

When you're on site, you need professional tools to ensure high-quality results. Along with big-ticket items like saws, grinders and rendering machines, the little things also play an important role. At BetonTools, we stock a wide range of hand tools and workplace accessories to help you get the job done — we have a number of dust shrouds for angle grinder tools. These products help to keep dust and fine materials out of your eyes and away from your work.


Comprehensive accessory range

Often having to work with powerful diamond tools, including saws and grinders, the construction industry can be a dangerous and high-pressure environment. In order to work safely with these machines, it's important to manipulate the movement of dust and prevent your hands from reaching the rotating surface of the tool. At BetonTools, we have universal and product-specific dust shroud products to extract fine debris from cutting and grinding tools.

Our large range of tools

We proudly support Australian tradies and construction professionals by supplying them with a huge variety of construction tools — specialising in diamond tools, including saws, grinders, scarifiers, drilling equipment, drill bits and product accessories. Our dust shrouds and other products are sold at competitive prices, and everything is categorised and easy to find at our online store.

The BetonTools advantage

At BetonTools, we understand the local Australian construction industry. We listen to our customers and only deal with recognised local and global brands. We believe in great tools, low prices and workplace safety standards. All of our products are backed by a warranty, so you can rely on complete consumer protection at all times. We are Australian-owned and operated and have more than 20,000 items in stock.

Do you need a reliable dust shroud for your angle grinder or diamond saw? For the best tools at the lowest prices, please make an order or contact BetonTools today.

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