Plasterboard Rebate Tool

Plasterboard Rebate Tool
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GTPRO Trademark Spray Adhesive Pvc Corner Bead 500ML TMCNRBSA

PVC Corner Bead Spray Adhesive 500mlFeatures:Ideal to use on PVC Corner Bead Trims to plasterboardHi..

$24.09 Ex Tax: $21.90

Rebatemate Cutting Disc 109417

Rebatemate Cutting DiscDiamond cutting wheel - 110mm The RebateMate™ diamond cutting wheel is a r..

$54.58 Ex Tax: $49.62

Rebatemate Spray Adhesive 500ml RBMTAD04

RebateMate Premium multi purpose spray adhesive has been specially formulated for use with Plasterbo..

$19.14 Ex Tax: $17.40

Rebatemate Tool Cuts Edges of Platerboard and Cement Sheeting

Rebatemate Tool S1M-ZP33-110Features:Cuts rebates along the edges of plasterboard, multi-board ..

$320.11 Ex Tax: $291.01

TradeMark Premium Corner Bead Spray Adhesive TMPCBS

TradeMark Premium Corner Bead Spray Adhesive Features & Benefits The safest way to apply cor..

$26.29 Ex Tax: $23.90

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