Grinding and Sanding Machines

Grinding and Sanding Machines
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Rokamat HERON The Lightest Long Neck Grinder

Rokamat Heron Combined lightness and power No.: 60100 ·      ..

$2,169.00 Ex Tax: $1,971.82

American Sander 18" Orbital OBS18DC 07098A

American Sander 18″ Orbital 07098AThe random-orbital sanding action OBS18DC removes the scratch patt..

$4,829.00 Ex Tax: $4,390.00

Crommelins 7” (178MM) American Sanders Edge 07083B

Crommelins 7” (178MM) American Sanders Edge 07083BThe Super 7 is the most efficient wood floor ..

$3,349.01 Ex Tax: $3,044.55

Crommelins 8” (200MM) American Sanders Drum 07060A

Crommelins 8” (200MM) American Sanders Drum 07060AThe 07060A drum sander combines professional ..

$5,829.00 Ex Tax: $5,299.09

Eibenstock ELS225.1 WallBoard Long Reach Sander 225.0mm

The service-friendly for large  Surface performance with VacuGlide-System   ..

$1,430.00 Ex Tax: $1,300.00

Rokamat CHAMELEON Universal Machine ETICS / EIFS

The light weight Universal Machine No.: 20000 Externally Insulated Finish System and External Therm..

$2,448.60 Ex Tax: $2,226.00

Rokamat FOX Wireless Grinder for EIFS and ETICS

ROKAMAT FOX Wireless Grinder for EIFS and ETICS ..

$2,499.00 Ex Tax: $2,271.82

Rokamat GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder

ROKAMAT GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder          Double removal rate compare..

$2,199.00 Ex Tax: $1,999.09

Rokamat GEX P Parquet Grinder

ROKAMAT GEX P Parquet Grinder ..

$2,198.90 Ex Tax: $1,999.00

Rokamat GEX Renovation Grinder

ROKAMAT GEX Renovation Grinder This one stands out amongst the renovation sanders: The ROKAMAT G..

$2,198.90 Ex Tax: $1,999.00

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