Cutting-off Wheels

Cutting-off Wheels

When it comes to cut-off wheels that get the job done, you can trust Beton Tools. We carry a range of metal cut-off wheels for all metalwork and mineral materials. Our line-up includes cutting-off wheels for steel, NF metals, cast materials, stone, plastics, tins, flat iron, pipes, stainless steel, and construction steel. 


Whether you need to cut stainless steel, asphalt, railway lines, or anything else, you’ll find the products you need in our online store. 

For outstanding price-performance ratio and fast cutting, choose Kronenflex® Klingspor Cutting Off Wheels. Economical and versatile, Klingspor Extra Flat Cutting Off Wheels are universal cutting-off wheels for metalwork and mineral materials. The coarse, synthetically produced SiC grit ensures a wide application range. Use raised hub cutting-off wheels when the wheel needs to be raised up from the base of the angle grinder due to some type of interference.

Choose Klingspor Special Flat Cutting Off Wheels for high-performance cutting-off wheels for thin-walled profiles and stainless steel pipes. Free of iron, sulphur and chlorine, we have cutting-off wheels that promise you short cutting times and low thermal load, while securing minimal burr formation. Ten packs are available for your convenience.

With several RPMs available, you will need to match the size and RPM rating of the tool to the size and RPM rating of the wheel for safe and effective use.

Select from Soft, Medium or Hard abrasive cut-off wheels. We stock Soft cutting-off wheels for universal use on chop saws and table cutting-off machines, and they are also suitable for aluminium. Medium cutting-off wheels are available for use on steel and stainless steel. Use them with gas-powered freehand machines with a cutting speed of 80 m/s, as well as petrol-powered cutters. We also have Hard cutting-off wheels for asphalt, which promise no clogging. 

Do you need to cut titanium or high alloy steels? Choose Kingspor Special Flat INOX Hard cutting-off wheels. We can supply packs of 25 which are conveniently stored in a Kronenflex® box for moisture protection. 

Shop For The Best Abrasive Cut Off Wheels

Whatever you need to cut, Beton Tools has the metal cut-off wheel for you. The Klingspor Small Supra Flat is available in Soft, for non-ferrous metals, Medium for stainless steel, and Hard. Hard is ideal for hard-to-reach areas, and this cutting-off wheel will easily cut through tins, sheets, profiles, and solid materials. 

As well as a large product range, you can rest assured that Beton Tools take your safety seriously. Our cutting-off wheels have been tested according to the guidelines of the oSa directives, and they are guaranteed to comply with European safety standard EN 12413. 

Klingspor and Kronenflex® brand products are highly competitive in terms of quality and price. Klingspor operates worldwide, specialising in coated abrasives, and cutting and grinding discs. When you choose metal cut off wheels from Beton Tools, you can rest assured you are choosing the very best. In addition, if you spend over $199, delivery is absolutely free. 

Ready to shop for quality abrasive cut-off wheels for your next job? Browse our products or contact us for help and advice today. You can visit us in store at 192 Marion Street, Leichhardt, NSW to speak to us or call us on 1800 238 668. 

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Klingspor Small Cutting Off Wheel Supra Flat 25200 rpm Hard 76x1x10mm 329099

Klingspor Small Cutting Off Wheel Supra Flat 25200 rpm Hard 76x1x10mm 329099Minimal burr formation -..

$1.98 Ex Tax: $1.80

Klingspor Small Cutting Off Wheel Supra Flat 38200 rpm Hard 50x1x10mm 329097

Klingspor Small Cutting Off Wheel Supra Flat 38200 rpm Hard 50x1x10mm 329097Minimal burr formation -..

$1.84 Ex Tax: $1.67

Klingspor Kronenflex EDGE cutting disc 125mm cuts steel / stainless steel / aluminum

The best cutting-off wheel for steel, stainless steel, and aluminium1950 saw the invention of the t..

$4.40 Ex Tax: $4.00

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