Fibre Discs

Fibre Discs

Beton Tools has a range of fibre discs available, as well as backing pads and other essential items for your angle grinder. Whether you want fibre grinding discs for rough machining or finish grinding, you’ll find exactly what you need here. Shop online today or come and see us in our NSW store. 


Fiber discs are round grinding wheels which are fitted to backing pads and used on angle grinders. On one side of the fibre disc, a vulcanised fibre backing is coated with resin and abrasive grain; this grain is essential for the results you will achieve with your abrasive fiber disc. 

Thanks to the combination of backing, bond and grit, Kingspor fibre discs deliver superior stock removal. With the largest selection of diameters, grit sizes and hole patterns available, you’re sure to be able to find the one you need. Our abrasive fibre discs are available in a variety of diameter and grit sizes including, 16, 24, 36, 60, 80, 100 and 120 grit.

Choosing the Right Fibre Discs for Your Application 

Choose aluminium oxide fibre discs for durability and performance. In addition, you can expect long service life thanks to Klingspor’s Advanced Coating Technology (ACT) and the excellent grit adhesion that this technology provides. 

Klingspor is a worldwide brand specialising in coated abrasives, and cutting and grinding discs. When you choose Klingspor fibre grinding discs from Beton Tools, you can rest assured you are getting the very best. 

Choose from single round hole fiber discs, star-shaped holes, no hole, or alternatively, we can produce custom hole patterns according to your specifications. Five packs are available for your convenience, so you’ve always got spares to-hand. 

Ceramic Fibre Discs feature ceramic aluminium oxide to achieve a micro-crystalline, self-sharpening effect. With outstanding grit adhesion, you can expect a long service life from these high-performing fibre discs. They’re especially suitable for heavy-duty applications and offer tremendous stock removal. 

Zirconia alumina is a self-sharpening, tough, durable grain that holds up well in a range of demanding applications. With a self-sharpening effect, Klingspor Zirconia Fibre Discs are highly aggressive, making them ideal for rough grinding work and perfect for steel and stainless steel. All of our fibre discs are tested according to the guidelines of the oSa directives and are guaranteed to comply with European safety standard EN 12413. 

Klingspor Backing Pads Ribbed have a hard, ribbed, abrasive surface for increased aggressiveness, and are resistant to high temperatures. The Smooth M10 thread is a medium-hard backing pad for universal use, and is suitable for surface and finish grinding with grit 50 and finer. Choose Soft backing pads to use with velour-coated abrasive discs - perfect for medium-duty, rough grinding and polishing.  

For convenient storage and easy access to your fibre discs, the Klingspor Fibre Disc Dispenser can hold up to 100 fibre discs with a diameter of 115 to 180 mm. Grab yours today and get organised. 

Not sure which abrasive fiber discs you need? At Breton Tools, we’re here to help. Our experience of fiber cutting discs and fiber grinding wheels is second to none. Get in touch with us with any questions, and we’ll do all we can to help. 

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