Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyor

Belt Conveyors

A conveyor belt is essential for many types of projects in industries such as agriculture, demolition, and mining. Bulk material is placed in a hopper, which moves along a belt that is supported by a belt frame. Moving heavy or irregularly-sized materials by hand can put a strain on your team as well as your schedule. Belt conveyors save labour and time as they move material long or short distances, even on an incline.


Belt conveyors can streamline and simplify your workplace or construction site in several ways. They can carry materials long distances or simply transport them between processing stages. A conveyor can transport large or fine materials and is suitable for materials ranging from coal to cement. Whether you are transporting raw materials from a mine or stockpiling wood chips, a belt conveyor can be assembled for your project needs.

At Beton Tools, we offer belt conveyor models with lightweight yet durable frames and PVC belts.  With our available selection, you’re sure to find the right brand and model that will help your projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Three Lengths

Whether you’re moving soil, chippings, concrete or rubble, we have the belt conveyor that is right for the job. For example, the versatile Crommelins Shifta Mace portable conveyor is available in 3.0m, 4.0m, and 5.0m lengths and is easily manoeuvred by one person. The lightweight but sturdy aluminium body has brake wheels, and the conveyor adjusts to inclines up to 50 degrees.

To make your job even easier, you can add sifters or additional hoppers as optional extras. Powered by a single-phase 750 w electric motor, this belt conveyor has two emergency shut-off switches to help you put safety first.

Light and Easy

The SoRoTo belt conveyors are all produced with a lightweight aluminium frame, which allows for one man to move the conveyor by himself – regardless of the length of the belt. Available in 2m, 3.3m, 4.5m and 5.0m lengths, it is powered by a 240 V motor. Do you need to use more than one unit? This conveyor has an outlet to help you do just that.

The open construction saves time as it allows the machine to clean itself during operations, and together with the stainless-steel surface, the belt conveyor is very easy to maintain. The click system makes the replacement of worn parts easy. Also, the undercarriage can be snapped right on wherever you want it, to create the preferred angle on the belt. An aluminium infeed hopper is available as an optional extra, making this model an ideal choice to use with a wheelbarrow.

How Can We Help You?

A belt conveyor can help you make the best use of time and manpower in your project. Why not let the right belt conveyor do the heavy lifting for you? If you’re looking for a sturdy yet lightweight conveyor belt, Beton Tools can help you. Please feel free to contact us with your questions about our belt conveyors.

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SoRoTo Lightweight Belt Construction Conveyor 2.0 Metre

FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE2.0 Metre Belt Conveyor Move 322 tons a day – and save time The So..

$12,749.00 Ex Tax: $11,590.00

SoRoTo Lightweight Belt Construction Conveyor 3.3 Metre

FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE 3.3 Metre Belt Conveyor Move 322 tons a day – and save time ..

SoRoTo Lightweight Belt Construction Conveyor 4.5 Metre

FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE4.5 Metre Belt Conveyor Move 322 tons a day – and save time T..

$14,999.00 Ex Tax: $13,635.45

SoRoTo Lightweight Belt Construction Conveyor 6.0 Metre

FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE6.0 Metre Belt Conveyor Move 322 tons a day – and save time The So..

$17,990.00 Ex Tax: $16,354.55

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