Plate Compactors

Plate Compactors

Working in the construction industry, you know that plate compactors are an indispensable tool. They allow you to compact asphalt, gravel, and soil with a singular piece of equipment and are critical to paving companies, contractors, and home builders alike.


In terms of how the machine works, a heavy steel plate makes up the bottom portion of the machine, and it quickly vibrates against sedimentary surfaces to compact them. 

The sheer weight that is applied to the steel plate is enough to help compact and level surfaces like these, and vibrations help to keep the surface even.

The operator of the machine determines how fast the metal plate moves up and down and how heavy it presses on the surface. These two factors determine how tightly packed the sediment becomes and how quickly a surface is levelled.

Plate compactors are most often used to compact soil or gravel before paving and can also help to level an area of fresh asphalt. 

But why are these machines important? 

When you use a plate compactor, you compress soil and gravel together before paving, which decreases the likelihood that this material will shift. 

That means using a plate compactor helps to do the job right the first time. It also is extremely unlikely that you’ll have to repave in the future — since the materials have a solid, strong foundation of compacted sediment.

At Beton Tools, we offer a plate compactor that is easy to transport to any location. It is easy to manoeuvre and the quality is unmatched.

Safety is a top priority, so all of our Beton Tools are made with your safety in mind. However, you should always take necessary safety precautions and only use the machine for its intended purpose.

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