Powered Hand Truck

Powered Hand Truck

Electric Powered Hand Trucks and More from Beton Tools


Providing the powered hand trucks you need, wherever and whenever you need them, in Australia

When you need to move heavy loads. When you are operating in a restricted area or confined space that is simply not suitable for heavy equipment. When you need a solution you can rely on. 

When all of these factors come together, you need an electric powered hand truck. These remarkable pieces of equipment provide supreme capability, and pulling and lifting power, right where you need it. The result is high efficiency, high reliability, and a high chance of a job well done.

At Beton Tools, we provide Makinex lifts and other lift equipment so that you have everything you need to handle the task at hand.

The Makinex Lift

The Makinex powered hand truck is renowned for being lightweight, conveniently shaped, and very easy to manoeuvre. However, this does not mean that it compromises when it comes to robust design and lifting capability.

Your typical powered hand truck includes as 12V 25 Amp actuator to provide the lift, and comes fitted with a lifting hook for easy raising and lowering of items. You will also be able to add accessories to the hand truck to broaden this range of capability.  

Makinex lifts are capable of around 140kg of lifting capacity, although you are advised always to check the manufacturer instructions to ensure safe operation.

Powered Hand Truck Accessories

We also provide a range of high-quality accessories designed to give you additional capability, as and when you need it. Take a look below to see what we can provide.

Sling Attachments

Slings are the ideal attachment for lifting and securing heavy loads. Always remember to check the manufacturer's guidelines for safe operation.

Strap Frame Attachment

With a strap frame attachment, users have an extra level of safety and security when handling particularly heavy or particularly fragile items.

Forklift Attachment

The forklift attachment basically turns the electric powered hand truck into a miniature forklift, enabling high levels of lifting capability, while maintaining the convenience and reliability of the hand truck.

Why Shop with Beton Tools

There are many reasons why clients keep on coming back to us for all of their tool and equipment needs. This is because we can promise the following;

  • All of the items we stock adhere to the strictest standards of safety
  • All of the brands we work with are highly reputable, and therefore all equipment pieces provide the best quality of results
  • We provide ongoing support as and when you need it. Get in touch with us whenever you like, before or after purchase.
  • With a range as broad and extensive as ours, you are certain to find what you need. Take a look.

Ready to begin? Simply browse our product ranges and connect with exactly what you need. Still have questions about our power hand trucks or about any of the other products in our range? Reach out today and speak to our team.

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Makinex Forklift Attachment PHT2-FA-00

Makinex Forklift Attachment PHT2-FA-00Lift pallets and heavy cargo with ease with the Powered Hand T..

$929.00 Ex Tax: $844.55

Makinex Powered Hand Truck PHT2-140-AU

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$4,299.00 Ex Tax: $3,908.18

Makinex Sling Attachment PHT2-SA-00

Makinex Sling Attachment PHT2-SA-00Transport heavy object with ease with the Powered Hand Truck Slin..

$139.00 Ex Tax: $126.36

Makinex Strap Frame Attachment PHT2-SF-00

Makinex Strap Frame Attachment PHT2-SF-00Transport heavy or fragile objects with peace of mind with ..

$399.00 Ex Tax: $362.73

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