Ride-On Power Trowel

Ride-On Power Trowel

Ride-on power trowels have revolutionised concrete finish smoothing, greatly reducing required manpower and man-hours while retaining the accuracy of a skilled tradesman with a float trowel. (Giving ride-on power trowels their nickname of ‘power floats’!) Higher-end examples of this type of light construction equipment are ideal for efficiently applying smooth finishes to the type of large concrete slabs found in many construction jobs. Many ride-on power trowels for sale, however, use mediocre components and attempt to achieve smoothing through sheer weight. Our industry-leading power trowel models are lightweight yet heavy-duty machines that are sure to provide perfect results for years to come.


Our ride-on power trowels are precision-designed for the ultimate in performance and accuracy. Their trowel arms and spider plates can be set to the finest tolerances, resulting in minimal, even wear and excellent results. Heavy-duty gearboxes ensure the long life of this important component. Certain models even offer features like running lights for night operation and easy-on-the-arms hydraulic steering. Their excellent power-to-weight ratios further contribute to the smoothest finishes without concern of damaging concrete slabs. Warranties between one and three years, meanwhile, mean you can buy with confidence. Thoughtful touches like easy access to engine and drive components allow for quicker maintenance and upkeep.

Betontools’ ride-on power trowels for sale include trusted brands like Flextool, Italy’s Bentonelli and Masterfinish by AG Pulie. Our inventory includes both 36” and 46” models. Manufacturer defect warranties and our quality after-sales service will ensure you are operating only the finest ride-on power trowels throughout the long life of your investment. To find out more about how these amazing machines can improve the efficiency of your construction projects, contact us today!

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Cemtool 30" Ride On Trowel Machine B & S Motor CTRO30BS

Cemtool 30″ Ride On Trowel Machine B & S Motor CTRO30BSBriggs & Stratton professional horizo..

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