Walk Behind Trowel Machine

Walk Behind Trowel Machine

Walk Behind Trowel Machine


In building construction, flatness is a critical consideration in concrete surfaces. And, a walk behind trowel machine is commonly used to finish concrete slabs to achieve a perfect finish. Contractors aren’t required to achieve perfection – only an acceptable level of flatness according to Australia’s Standards and Tolerances Guide. As such, the need to achieve consistent levelness from one project to the next makes owning a quality walk behind trowel machine essential for every contractor or builder.

How a Walk Behind Power Trowel Works

The power trowel flattens concrete through floating and finishing. Floating removes bumps and fills valleys while also compacting the concrete. The finishing pass further levels the concrete surface, making it hard and smooth.

Beton Tools carries a wide range of walk behind power trowels and accessories for a broad range of jobs. We carry the top brands in the industry so you can count on getting the best performance for your investment for a long time. Choose the right trowel for your work, and you will use it time and time again.

Other Types of Trowels

Walk behind power trowels fit between push trowels and ride-on trowels in size, power, and versatility. Each type of trowel has a place in many job types. Push trowels are appropriate for tight spaces such as commercial buildings and basements. They are highly portable so you can take them along to any work site.

Ride-on trowel machines are typically equipped with two counter-rotating helicopters with four to five blades on each rotor. Available in both petrol and diesel engines, they are the largest and most powerful of the three types of trowels. They are much faster than walk behind models and ideal for expansive concrete surfaces. However, walk behind power trowels are much more affordable and portable than ride-on models.

No single type of trowel offers a solution for every situation. For many construction crews and contractors, a combination of the three types is essential. The importance of achieving flatness in any concrete surface demands the availability of the right tools. That includes the right style and size of trowels for all types and sizes of spaces.

If you’re considering investing in a walk behind power trowel, consider how much concrete you finish during any workday. Ideally, it is a good choice if you typically finish less than 278 square meters daily. Anything more than that is best accomplished with a ride-on trowel. It’s also a good choice for contractors who are just starting out and who want to reduce their costs while increasing the quality of their concrete slabs.

Shop Beton Tools for All the Right Tools

Our range of walk behind trowel machines includes a range of widths in petrol and diesel designs. Compare the features to find the right tool for your needs.
Beton Tools has a reputation throughout Australia for our extensive range of high-quality concrete and construction tools and products. When you’re looking for tools you can rely on, you can always count on us. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact us. And, even if you don’t see it listed, we are here to help.

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