Bricklaying Tools

Bricklaying Tools

Whether you're a professional bricklayer or a motivated homeowner, good tools are integral to every working day. BetonTools offers high-quality bricklaying tools and accessories for Australian worksites, homes and businesses. From simple repair jobs to extensive renovations and new builds, our tools are designed to promote high-quality finishes while making your life easier and more productive.


What are bricklaying tools?

A wide range of hand and power tools are used throughout the bricklaying process. From mixing ingredients and preparing surfaces to laying bricks and cleaning up, quality bricklaying tools keep you safe and boost your productivity. Whether you're putting up walls and partitions or building residential and commercial structures, bricklaying tools make the job faster, easier and safer.

We have a great selection of bricklaying tools online, including high-quality products from the biggest brands in construction.

Examples of bricklaying tools

There are lots of bricklaying tools for sale, including traditional hand tools, modern power tools, measurement equipment and safety gear. Typical manual bricklaying tools include trowels, chisels, hammers and shovels, while powered tools, such as cordless drills and brick splitters, are useful and handy.

Measurement equipment is also key, including spirit levels, steel tape and pin and line solutions. And safety gear, such as gloves, masks and goggles, is essential.

Whatever you need, we are the trusted source of bricklaying tools in Australia.

The advantages of quality bricklaying tools

Good bricklaying tools offer lots of benefits. First and foremost, quality tools are easier to operate and safer to use. Second, good tooling makes you faster and more productive, which is a real advantage to professional bricklayers or anyone who wants to complete the job quickly. Last but not least, good tools are stronger and more durable, which makes them more cost-effective over time.

Complete bricklaying solution

Bricklaying can be tough work. Long hours and rough materials make it hard to keep a consistent finish. Good tooling makes all the difference, with the right gear helping you to work safer, be more productive and achieve better results. Our bricklaying tools include brick carriers, tape measures, trowels, brushes, chisels and bolsters, clamps, hammers, jointers, string lines and more. At BetonTools, we understand construction and we know what it takes to get the job done.

Comprehensive tool range

BetonTools helps you to find the right tools for the job at hand. Along with specialised bricklaying tools, we stock a huge selection of construction tools and equipment, ranging from abrasives and diamond tools to lasers, levels, safety gear and outdoor power equipment. We stock major Australian and global brands, including:

  • Flextool
  • MasterFinish
  • Montolit
  • Shinhan Arix Diamond
  • ThorTools
  • Rokamat
  • Marshalltown
  • Kraft Tools
  • COME Venetian Trowels
  • Ancora Pavan Trowels
  • Distar Diamond Tools
  • Marmorino Venetian Tools

BetonTools leads from the front in concrete and construction, with our team selling quality products to happy customers across the country

The BetonTools advantage

At BetonTools, our products are designed to last and our team is readily available to help you purchase the right equipment, for the right situation — all within your budget. We combine an amazing range of products with competitive prices and reliable, after-sales service. As an Australian-owned and operated business, we understand the local construction industry and sell gear designed for local conditions. We have over 20,000 items in store, so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you need.

We offer bricklaying tools online and other professional construction products. Fast reliable shipping is a key part of our business, with all orders delivered promptly so you can get on with the job. We also have multiple payment options to make your life easier, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Zip and direct bank deposit. If you want bricklaying tools for sale, you've come to the right place.

When it comes to quality bricklaying tools in Australia, BetonTools leads from the front. We combine a large selection of great products with low prices and fast delivery right to your door. Please make an order today or contact our team to learn more.

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