Concreting Tools

Concreting Tools

Laying concrete isn't as simple as just pouring it down and waiting for it to dry. You'll need the right concreting tools and equipment to get everything just right. Of course, different tools serve different purposes, and you'll need a variety of different concreting tools throughout the process. Depending on the configuration of your construction site, you may need rebar cutters to trim down any of these metal rods that are in the way of your work area. 


When you first pour the concrete into your foundation, you'll need rakes to spread the mixture evenly throughout. You'll need to work quickly before the concrete sets, and you'll need to reach far corners without disrupting the mixture, so you may want to have some pole extenders on hand as well to extend your reach. 

Once you have filled your space with the appropriate amount of concrete, you'll need to smooth everything out into a flat surface. Squeegees, edgers, and groovers can help you flatten everything out, and finishing trowels can assist with smoothing out the corners. Finally, nippers and rubbing bricks can help you put on the finishing touches. 

To help the concrete set more quickly, you have a variety of setting sprays to choose from. Finishing sealant sprays help to protect the surface of the concrete once it has set, helping it last longer when exposed to the elements. Jointing and caulking solutions can prevent moisture from getting into the gaps between concrete slabs, creating a watertight seal. 

The construction equipment experts here at Beton Tools will be happy to help you decide on the perfect products to meet your needs. We'll take the time to answer all of your questions, so get in touch with us today if you need assistance with our products. 

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