Sandpaper For Drywall

Sandpaper For Drywall

From dust-free drywall sanders to grit sanding pads, sanding blocks and Useit Superpads, we’ve got everything you need for a professional finish at Beton Tools. Browse our range today and find the dry sandpaper products you need at your convenience. 


Using the Right Sand Grit for Drywall

Wondering what sand grit you need to sand drywall? Sandpaper is measured by its grit size; the larger the grit size, the smoother sandpaper. We recommend sandpaper grit 120 and 150 for drywall sanding. 

At Beton Tools, we supply grit sanding pads for use with the GTPRO Power Sanding Machine in grits including 120, 150, 180, and 220, making them perfect to sand drywall. With anti-static abrasives, GTPRO Sanding Pads are formulated to reduce clogging, thereby increasing the life of the sanding pad. Buy a single pad, or select packs of five so you’ve always got spares to-hand. 

Choose USEIT® JOEST Super Pads with a finer grit for plasterboard finishing and paint preparation. Our product range includes 60 to 360 grit. Also available are course grits including 16, 24 and 40 grit for concreting, flooring and wallpaper removal. 

Superpads are the latest pad design and suit most sanders and dust extractors. They feature even more perforations to assist dust extraction and reduce clogging. The cushioned pad secures superior results with less chance of scratching and swirl marks. Available as an individual purchase or a pack of six. 

Sanding blocks are flexible and easy to hold, which means many people believe they outperform sandpaper. Check out our Abrasive Combo Sanding Blocks available in a pack of 24 pieces. They’re solvent-free, anti-clog, flexible, reusable and washable for a cost-effective solution you’ll love. Choose from Fine, Fine/Medium, Medium/Course and PlasterX Hand Sanders

Browse our sandpaper products for drywall today and contact us with any questions or queries. 

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