Rendering and Plastering Tools

Rendering and Plastering Tools

When your needs turn to rendering and plastering, you know that you have to get the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible and should always rely on your tools, big and small to stand up to the job. You should know that Beton Tools is behind you and can supply an extensive range of products that are sure to meet your stringent requirements.



For example, if you need to generate filler slurry in a hurry, you should pick the Rokamat Wet plaster finishing machine, which could help you save up to 70% of your time versus a purely manual operation. This uses a flexibly-adjusted and integrated water injection system to eliminate a lot of the manual labour, and while this tool is heavy duty, it’s relatively easy to use in any situation.


You also know that your work is only as good as the tools that you use, and your tradesmen or women will be very protective of their equipment if you supply them correctly at the outset. Consequently, you’ll be looking for the highest quality, professional grade tools within this sector and should consider Ancora from Pavan, supplied by Beton Tools.

If you’re looking to work with lime putty or Venetian stucco, they have a kit for you which includes a range of stainless-steel putty knives, carbon steel filling scrapers, marble finishing trowels and fibre cloths for cleaning. This kit comes in its own protective case so that these valuable tools are always in safekeeping.


On the other hand, your needs may be relatively small at this point and you’re just looking for some simple replacements to keep your workplace on the go. In this case, you can turn to us for individual putty knives, polyurethane floats, trowels or a range of other alternatives.


There is only one place to come for the best quality and consistently rated tools for your rendering and plastering needs – Beton Tools.

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Rokamat Acrylic and Cement Rendering Machine Wet

With water injection to generate a filler slurry Plaster Finishing Machine ROKAMAT WET is the rig..

$2,899.00 Ex Tax: $2,635.45

Ancora 1939 - Decorative Kit - 5pce

Stainless Steel Putty Knife Body Shop Putty Knife - 0.25mm Thick SS Special Marble Finishing Tro..

$195.37 Ex Tax: $177.61

Ancora 1940 Complete Kit For The Realisation Of Stucco Veneziano, Slaked Lime

Ancora” trade-mark by Pavan, leader for 140 years in the production of professional high quality too..

$1,032.39 Ex Tax: $938.54

Marco Pesaro Plastic Marble Sheen Trowel

Plastic Marble Sheen Trowel Soft Plastic Size-mm: 355 X 150 ..

$36.73 Ex Tax: $33.39

Marco Pesaro Pu Foam Gun - Professional - Teflon Coated

Professional foam glue gun Teflon coated for extended gun life Adjustable flow control Teflon C..

$29.41 Ex Tax: $26.74

Marco Pesaro Splash Trowel- 160mm - Soft Grip

Splash Trowel Carbon Steel Size-mm: 160 x 85 heel x 66 nose 180 x 115 heel x 88 nose 220 x..

$16.69 Ex Tax: $15.17

Marco Pro - German Premium Rounded Front Trowel - Golden Stainless - 405 X 100mm - Cork Handle

Ergonomic bi-component grip with 96% cork Blister-free work due to the cork handle, very comforta..

$76.92 Ex Tax: $69.93

Marshalltown Panel Lifter 15330

Tapered front end slides easily under board for lifting while nailingNon-slip surfaceSelf-righting ..

$61.60 Ex Tax: $56.00

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