Electric Dry Wall Sanders

Electric Dry Wall Sanders
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Rokamat HERON The Lightest Long Neck Grinder

Rokamat Heron Combined lightness and power No.: 60100 ·      ..

$2,169.00 Ex Tax: $1,971.82

Mirka Extension shaft for LEROS MIW9588011

Mirka Extension shaft for LEROS..

$132.00 Ex Tax: $120.00

MIRKA LEROS 225MM Wall & Ceiling Sander 5,0 MIW95020BAAN

MIRKA LEROS 225MM WALL & CEILING SANDER 5,0 Unique brushless wall and ceiling sander. The light..

$2,149.00 Ex Tax: $1,953.64

Mirka Miro 955 Wall Sander 225mm Grip Anz 8394000111AN

Mirka Miro 955 Wall Sander 225mm Grip Anz 8394000111AN The Miro 955 wall sander is equipped with a ..

$1,549.00 Ex Tax: $1,408.18

Rokamat CHAMELEON Universal Machine ETICS / EIFS

The light weight Universal Machine No.: 20000 Externally Insulated Finish System and External The..

$2,448.60 Ex Tax: $2,226.00

Rokamat GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder

ROKAMAT GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder          Double removal rate compare..

$2,199.00 Ex Tax: $1,999.09

Rokamat TITANO Grinder 60000

ROKAMAT TITANO Grinder - Short- and long-necked sander for both drywall and aggressive grindingProdu..

$1,998.70 Ex Tax: $1,817.00

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