Rokamat Construction Tools

Rokamat Construction Tools

ROKAMAT Concept The motor is worn comfortably on a belt – thus reducing the weight of the tool and enabling to work for long periods of time without tiring.


This concept also keeps dirt particles out of the motor and makes it easier to balance the machine.

The distinguishing feature of ROKAMAT products:

Power transmission via a flexible drive shaft.

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Rokamat Acrylic and Cement Rendering Machine Wet

With water injection to generate a filler slurry Plaster Finishing Machine ROKAMAT WET is the rig..

$2,899.00 Ex Tax: $2,635.45

Rokamat Acrylic and Cement Rendering Wireless Sponge Float

Long-necked sponge float with powerful lithium-ion battery pack No.: 35000 Mechanical floating wi..

$3,300.00 Ex Tax: $3,000.00

Rokamat HERON The Lightest Long Neck Grinder

Rokamat Heron Combined lightness and power No.: 60100 ·      ..

$2,169.00 Ex Tax: $1,971.82

Rokamat SKATE Electric Concrete Power Trowel

MARKET PREMIERE! Electric Concrete Power Trowel Rokamat Hand Held Trowel Machine SKATE Ideal s..

$2,799.00 Ex Tax: $2,544.55

Rokamat Acrylic and Cement Rendering Backpack Machine Nautilo

ROKAMAT NAUTILO Plaster Finishing MachineFelting on scaffoldings can be very laborious. To time-con..

$3,300.00 Ex Tax: $3,000.00

Rokamat Acrylic and Cement Rendering Machine Dry

ROKAMAT DRY Plaster Finishing Machine ..

$2,799.00 Ex Tax: $2,544.55

Rokamat CHAMELEON Universal Machine ETICS / EIFS

The light weight Universal Machine No.: 20000 Externally Insulated Finish System and External The..

$2,448.60 Ex Tax: $2,226.00

Rokamat FOX Wireless Grinder for EIFS and ETICS

ROKAMAT FOX Wireless Grinder for EIFS and ETICS ..

$2,499.00 Ex Tax: $2,271.82

Rokamat GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder

ROKAMAT GECKO RAPID Turbo Grinder          Double removal rate compare..

$2,199.00 Ex Tax: $1,999.09

Rokamat GEX P Parquet Grinder

ROKAMAT GEX P Parquet Grinder ..

$2,198.90 Ex Tax: $1,999.00

Rokamat GEX Renovation Grinder

ROKAMAT GEX Renovation Grinder This one stands out amongst the renovation sanders: The ROKAMAT G..

$2,198.90 Ex Tax: $1,999.00

Rokamat HEDGEHOG Clean Cleaning Machine

ROKAMAT HEDGEHOG Clean Cleaning MachineRemoving concrete residues of formwork elements and at the s..

$2,198.90 Ex Tax: $1,999.00

Rokamat Hot Wire Cutter Styrodur BUTTERFLY

Wireless Hot-Wire Cutter No.: 52000 Façade insulation made easy: There is an intelligent solution..

$3,999.00 Ex Tax: $3,635.45

Rokamat PIRANHA Miller Tuckpointing

ROKAMAT PIRANHA Miller Tuck PointingProduct advantagesLow-vibrationRobust aluminium housingMoto..

$2,748.90 Ex Tax: $2,499.00

Rokamat PIRANHA Tuckpointing and Wall Chasing

Rokamat PIRANHA Tuckpointing and Wall ChasingProduct advantagesRobust aluminium housingMotor separat..

$2,198.90 Ex Tax: $1,999.00

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