Drive Units

Drive Units

When a project involves fluid pumping or concrete consolidation, you need a drive unit that is heavy-duty yet easy to use. A drive unit has a coupling that connects with the flexible shaft of a submersible pump or concrete vibrator. Used in industries such as mining, drilling, and waste management, the submersible pump is usually placed in a bore hole and pushes fluid upward. A concrete vibrator has a vibrating head that is attached to a flexible drive. When the vibrating head bores through poured cement, it disperses aggregates, removes air bubbles, and gives the concrete a smoother finish.

At Beton Tools, we offer sturdy drive units that will help you with your concrete or submersible pump needs. Quick action coupling makes it easy to connect the unit with submersible pumps or concrete vibrators. Some units use petrol and others use diesel. Depending on the model, the maximum rated power ranges from 4.1hp to 9hp, with weights up to 103kg.


Whether it’s for a submersible pump or a concrete vibrator, why not take a look drive units we offer? We sell a variety of brands, including Crommelins, Flextool and Husqvarna, that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Powering Submersible Pump Projects

Our extensive range of heavy-duty drive units will power the most challenging submersible pump projects. We have the right unit for the type of pumping work you are doing. For example, the Crommelins 4.7hp diesel drive unit is ideal for mining jobs and will drive 50mm submersible flexible drive pumps. Not just any drive unit will do for mining work. The electric start lets you take the unit into mines, where you cannot use petrol. You have the option to add other features designed for use in mines, including a fire extinguisher and safety stop.

Powering Concrete Projects

If you are working on a concrete project, we have drive units that are just right for the job. You want to be sure of the consistency and finish of the concrete, and you know that a concrete vibrator needs the right type of drive unit. Most of our models, for example, have spring and rubber mounts to control vibration and ensure high-quality results. Some Flextool FDU-P1 models include a dished steel base to improve movement across the concrete reinforcing mesh.

Versatility and ease of use are other qualities to look for in drive units. The Crommelins C-Frame Honda unit has a sled mounted frame that supports usage on a variety of surfaces and drives vibrators of up to 65mm. Other features in our drive units include a protective heavy duty roll frame and lifting hooks for safe handling on the job site. 

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Do you need a drive unit but aren’t sure where to start? We understand that productivity and efficiency are important to you. What could be more important than finding a top-quality drive unit that fits your project needs? At Beton Tools, we won’t stop until we know you have found the drive unit brand and model you need. Contact us and let us answer any questions you may have.

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