Drum Rollers

Drum Rollers

Drum Rollers from Beton Tools


The drum roller you need for your project, delivered for free to your site anywhere in Australia

A smooth finish, a level and reliable surface -- these are things that really matter to builders and clients alike. This is why Beton Tools are proud to stock a range of drum rollers, each one designed to make life easier as you seek to achieve that perfect surface, time and time again.

The Single Drum Roller

For smaller jobs, or for spaces that are restricted, a single drum roller might be the ideal choice. As the name suggests, the product utilises a single drum, and is operated from a handle at the rear. The item also features reverse protection to keep the driver safe, and thick, corrosion-resistant drum shells to improve the longevity of the equipment.

The Double Drum Roller

For more heavy-duty jobs -- but on job sites where safety and quality are still of the utmost importance -- we have the double drum roller. This is a bulkier piece of equipment, but is ideal for achieving the kind of finish that your project craves

Why Shop for Drum Rollers and Equipment with Beton Tools

Customers keep on coming back for all their equipment needs. Here's why:

  • We work with only the most reputable brands, ensuring the utmost in safety, every time
  • This also means that we can guarantee the quality and reliability of what we offer
  • You can benefit from high levels of support, whenever you need it, before and after purchase
  • We stock a vast range of products, ensuring that you will find what you need

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