Dry Shake Topping Spreader

Dry Shake Topping Spreader

Dry Shake Topping Spreader 


You want that freshly-installed concrete surface to remain durable and attractive for years to come. Whether it’s a safe, non-slip surface, or a surface with an attractive, durable colour, it’s your workmanship that people will see.

That’s where our dry shake topping spreader comes in. Dry shake toppings serve a variety of purposes in concrete finishing, including surface hardening, slip resistance and permanent colour. The surface hardener enhances the life of the concrete as it resists oil and chemical absorption and damage. Some products add a light reflective surface to concrete, which helps reduce energy costs.

Using the spreader is easy and efficient. A dry topping spreader has a hopper that holds the material you wish to spread. A long handle allows you to pull the spreader along as wheels turn the blades. The topping is then deposited onto the concrete surface. The application rate can be adjusted according to the needs of the job. At Beton Tools, we understand the importance of dry shake application.

Easy to Use

No matter what type of dry topping you plan to use, our Flextool material spreader will do the job. The spreader has a 40kg hopper capacity and achieves a spreading rate that can be adjusted from 0.5kg/m2 to 2.5kg/m2. What's more, its features make it easy to use. You’ll enjoy the convenience of the integrated bag breaker, which makes loading the hopper much easier. A hand lever gives you control by allowing you to open and close the discharge gate as needed.

The type of dry shake that you should use depends on the necessary durability, appearance and cost of the application. Abrasion resistance, which is the ability of the surface to resist damage from rubbing, rolling or impact, is another important factor. Dry shake toppings need to mix with water to produce a hard surface, so a harder finish requires concrete with higher water content.

Dry shakes contain varying amounts of certain types of aggregate, such as natural quartz, synthetic mineral, and metallic minerals. Hardness and durability depend on aggregate content, which can be a single type of aggregate or a combination.

Our Flextool spreader is a great choice for the dry-shake application. Apply the topping after the concrete slab is set and floated. The application rate by hand is usually 4 to 5 kg/m2, but the anticipated end-use, as well as concrete and site conditions, may require a higher rate. For example, foot traffic would require 3kg/m2, while heavy forklift use warrants a 5-7kg/m2 application. Higher application rates generally work best on concrete with higher water content. For best results, the finished layer of hardener should be 2 to 3mm thick.

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The right dry shake spreader can help determine the durability, appearance and safety of a concrete surface. Why not choose the best quality spreader for the job? We can answer your questions about dry shake toppings as well as spreaders. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have about dry shake topping spreaders.

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