Tamping Rammers

Tamping Rammers

Tamping Rammers

A tamping rammer is a strong, powerful compacting machine that compacts the ground. The range of Mikasa tamping rammers at Beton tools are strong and effective in spite of their small size and light weight. These tools are often used in construction where you desire a hard, flat surface. Some people also use them for do-it-yourself projects such as putting up fences or laying a patio.


How a Tamping Rammer Works

A tamping rammer applies fast consecutive impacts to the surface of uneven soil. It makes it uniform by decreasing the space between soil particles and removing moisture. It creates a sturdier surface that is useful in a variety of applications. Rammers operate using petrol or diesel.

You can use tamping rammers to compact soil, sediment, sand, beaching, and asphalt. It prepares land or other surfaces prior to paving or adding concrete. Tamping soil prevents it from becoming too porous so it can better support the heavier materials on top. Tamping is one of the most important steps in many types of construction projects as it provides the stability needed to support structures you are building.

Tamping Rammers vs Plate Compactors

A plate compactor is another type of compressing tool that compacts soil and gravel. The primary difference between these two tools is that rammers work by tamping the soil while compactors operate with vibration. There is also a difference in plate size and the ease of handling. The best choice for any job depends on the type of soil you’re working with and the size and location of the area.

Plate compactors work better such as when the soil is granular or you are working in larger areas. Tamping rammers, on the other hand, are ideal for cohesive soil with a 13 per cent moisture range. This includes clay or other types of soil with high clay content. Clay soil holds together firmly, especially when wet. It is difficult to break up and won’t crumble.

One of the most important benefits of compacting soil with a rammer is that it goes deeper than a plate compactor. Due to their ability to compact soil in a specific area, tamping rammers are ideal for use in smaller areas, such as trenches or hard-to-reach areas. For example, when filling a trench, you can add more soil to each layer so the job goes a lot faster.

One drawback of tamping rammers is that they require more effort to handle. When choosing a rammer, consider the weight and the strength required to manage it. Some other features to consider are the power, impact force, and the vibrating frequency.

Beton Tools carries some of the top brands in tamping rammers for the best possible user experience on your construction jobs. For anyone who works with a variety of soil types and project sizes, having a good rammer and a plate compactor on hand is often the best solution.
If you need help deciding on the best tool for your needs, or if you don’t find what you’re looking for, contact us today. Beton Tools is a leading supplier of concrete and construction tools and products throughout Australia.

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