Core Drill And Stand

Core Drill And Stand

Core drilling is an efficient, accurate and clean way to drill holes in concrete and other abrasive materials. This method of drilling is central in a variety of services and is commonly used by tradespeople and builders. While core drilling is a fairly basic service, the results are highly dependent on the quality of the tools used. Supplying advanced core drill and stand combinations to support all of your core drilling needs, BetonTools has exactly what you need to do a good job.


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Concrete drilling projects can be complex and time-consuming, with specialised equipment helping to ensure safe and accurate results. At BetonTools, our core drill and drill stand products help you to work faster. We have diamond core wet drilling units in multiple sizes, combined wet and dry drills, and advanced models with powerful heavy-duty motors and durable aluminium housing. Whether you're working with reinforced concrete, natural stone, or asphalt, we're sure to have exactly what you need.

Complete core drilling solutions

Concrete core drilling is a common building practice that involves drilling round holes in concrete and other materials. From floors and walls to ceilings and other structures, perfectly round holes are needed throughout many construction projects. BetonTools offers a wide range of core drilling products and other diamond tools for people who demand the very best.

The BetonTools difference

BetonTools offers rendering, plastering, and tooling solutions for tough Australian conditions. All of our products are designed with a specific purpose, including our extensive range of core drills. At BetonTools, we believe in advanced tools, friendly customer service and outstanding consumer protections that you can trust. We are an Australian-owned and operated business, with our shopfront located in NSW and a huge online store serving customers across Australia.

If you're looking for core drill and stand items or other core drilling solutions, please contact our team or make an order online.

Eibenstock core drill and stand packages are manufactured in Saxony, Germany, using high-quality materials and components. They offer outstanding performance and reliability when wet drilling in reinforced concrete, asphalt or natural stone, making them the preferred choice for construction and civil engineering specialists across Australia. Intelligent safety features protect both man and machine, while quick-change plates facilitate rapid onsite drill rig assembly. The oil bath gearboxes, which ensure optimal lubrication in all positions, and carbon brush automatic shut-offs that prevent damage to the motor. If you’re looking for a top quality core drill and stand that won’t let you down, pick up an Eibenstock drilling unit today.

Choosing a new core drill and stand

Each drill and stand unit has a maximum drilling diameter, so you need to make sure the model you choose is capable of drilling holes to the size you require. Motor power and rated speeds will also vary from one model to the next, with larger diameter drills generally having more powerful motors. 

If you know exactly what you want, you can place your order online now and we’ll get it dispatched without delay — but if you’re not sure which model is right for you, get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you select one that is perfect for your needs. Our team has an in-depth knowledge of each model in our core drill and stand range and can answer most questions quickly.

Core drilling equipment for professionals

In addition to the core drill and stand units you can see on this page, we carry a full range of core drilling equipment designed for construction and civil engineering professionals. Order everything you need from our online store today and we’ll get it sent out to your home or business address, anywhere in Australia, ASAP. 

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Eibenstock DBE250R Diamond Core Drilling Unit Wet 250.0mm

Features: • Electronic – soft start, temperature control and over load protection cut-off, optical o..

$5,068.70 Ex Tax: $4,607.91

Eibenstock DBE352 Diamond Core Drilling Unit Wet 352.0mm

Features: • Powerful 3,000 W motor with high power reserves and a long lifetime • Electronic – soft ..

$6,149.00 Ex Tax: $5,590.00

Eibenstock ETN162/3 Diamond Core Drill Wet/Dry 2200w 3xSpeed and Stand BST152S

DRILL AND STAND PACK Features: • Electronic – soft start, temperature control and over load pr..

$2,299.00 Ex Tax: $2,090.00

Eibenstock PLD182/BST182 Drill and Stand PLD182/03435000

Eibenstock PLD182/BST182  Drill and Stand PLD182 03435000USE: Wet drilling in reinforced concr..

$3,763.50 Ex Tax: $3,421.36

Eibenstock PLE450B Diamond Core Drilling Unit Wet 450.0mm

Features: • Powerful 3,300 W heavy-duty motor with high power reserves and a long lifetime • Full ..

$7,150.00 Ex Tax: $6,500.00

Golz 2.8kw Core Drill 2-Stroke, STIHL FS560 KB350

The original and most modern solution in pipe and sewage drilling for house connections and surface ..

$7,883.08 Ex Tax: $7,166.44

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