Vacuum Pump

Vacuum Pump

Core drilling can be a demanding job but having the right dedicated equipment can help ensure workplace safety and precise results. Along with quality drills, stands and accessories, a vacuum pump can play a central role in the drilling process. Vacuum pumps can secure your core drill stand on the wall or floor without the need for a mechanical anchor. Making it easier and safer to work in demanding locations and giving you the ability to work in the event of a power loss. Browse our range of vacuum pumps to support your workplace needs today. 


Core drilling solutions

Core drilling involves drilling into concrete and other abrasive materials such as natural stone, brick or asphalt. This process is central to plumbing, electrical work and many other trades and is used across multiple building applications. A vacuum pump can be used to fix the drill and stand without leaving a trace, with the pump reservoir helping to ensure immediate emergency operation if the power is lost

When you have access to advanced equipment, core drilling can be an efficient, accurate and clean procedure. While a fairly basic service, the accuracy of the results is highly dependent on the quality of the tools used. At BetonTools, we supply vacuum pumps and other core drilling gear to support your core drilling needs.

Complete tooling solutions

We stock a wide array of tools and make them available at a competitive price point. Concrete core drilling is a common building practice and our team supplies core drilling products and other diamond tools for a range of applications. Along with our core drilling and diamond tools, we also stock abrasives, lasers and levels, safety gear and outdoor power equipment. With a wide range of products available at competitive prices, BetonTools makes it easy to get the equipment you need.

Why choose BetonTools?

BetonTools leads from the front with advanced equipment, low prices and reliable customer support. As an Australian-owned and operated company with over 20,000 items in stock, you're sure to find what you need. Selling products from leading global brands including Flextool, Masterfinish by AG Pulie, OX Tools, Shinhan Arix Diamond, ThorTools, Rokamat and many others, you can rely on the very best at BetonTools.

If you're looking for a vacuum pump or other core drilling tools, please make an order or contact the BetonTools team. 

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ADAMAS Vacuum pump PRO-Y 61V000Y

ADAMAS Vacuum pump PRO-Y 61V000Y Features: With this vacuum pump you can fix the drill rig on wall..

$1,430.00 Ex Tax: $1,300.00

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