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Flextool PCD Blastrac Diamatic Grinding Shoe FT1OEPCD-UNIT

Flextool PCD Blastrac Diamatic Grinding Shoe FT1OEPCD-UNIT

Flextool Grinding Shoe Blastrac - Diamatic PCD FT1OEPCD-UNIT

Screw type 2-segment diamond shoes to suit the Blastrac® BMG-435 Planetary Grinder available in three bonds to cover all types of concrete grinding applications. Whether it be very hard concrete or the other end of the scale with soft abrasive concrete, shoes are available from 16 grit through to 300 grit. Poly Crystalline

Diamond (PCD) shoes also available for removal of glues and epoxies which are excessively built up on concrete surfaces. Softer type “chewy” materials are no match for these PCD shoes. Available bond types: Soft, Medium, Hard. Can be used wet or dry.


  • Epoxies & Glue Removal


  • Diamond Grit Size: PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond)
  • Number of Segments per shoe: PCD (Poly Crystalline Diamond)
  • EAN: 9330221019668
  • Views: 2246
  • Product Code: FT1OEPCD-UNIT
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $182.52
  • Ex Tax: $165.92

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