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MCC Rebar Cutter With Bender MADE IN JAPAN SCB-16

MCC Rebar Cutter With Bender MADE IN JAPAN SCB-16
MCC Rebar Cutter With Bender MADE IN JAPAN SCB-16 MCC Rebar Cutter With Bender MADE IN JAPAN SCB-16

MCC Rebar Cutter With Bender MADE IN JAPAN SCB-16

1. Unique Shaped Blade avoids Chipping
The blade is the most critical part of the product. MCC blade is manufactured of special alloy steel with unique heat treatment in providing you with the best performance and longer lifespan than others. This improved unique blade was designed to avoid the damage especially when the long piece of rebar is cut. The long stick rebar tends to tilt or be away from the bottom of cutting hollow slot where the leverage is maximum and occasionally cause the blade damages. MCC's new blade is designed for rebar to be on the bottom position while being guided by the blades.
2. Five enclosed holes for attaching to board
The four enclosed holes on the flame and one hole on the foot pedal are designed to be attached to a board or floor when you need more stability in operation. Many similar products have round arch shape not enclosed holes like our previous model CB-16 which might be out of the secure position on the board during operation. The enclosed holes ensure that the cutter is always in a secure fashion.
3. Improved Frame Base for more stability
MCC re-designed the frame outline and interior in constructing a well-balanced, compact, and light weight feature.
4. Strengthened Bending Mechanism
Frankly, the previous model CB-16 has weak point. When the #5(5/8) Grade 60 is bent, the excessive force occurs on the roller and the roller pin. After numerous job site operations, the grease in the roller dries up. It causes tougher conditions to the roller pin and unfortunately, the roller pin occasionally will pop out due to the lack of lubricant between the roller and the pin. SCB-16 has reinforced pin-attaching system to minimize this damage for the toughest conditions.
5. Cam Mechanism for improved leverage
The leverage was improved by 30% less effort when the #5 Grade 60 is cut by the cam mechanism. This allows us to obtain the most leverage at the maximum cutting point. This product provides the highest productivity.

Bending Procedure 

      Model No.                                 SCB-16

      Cutting Capacity                       up to 5/8", #5 Grade 60 (420 Mpa)

      Bending Capacity                     up to 5/8", #5 Grade 60 (420 Mpa)

      Bending Degree Capability      0 to 180 degree

      Bending Diameter                    2 1/2"

      Net Weight                               38 lbs

      Shipping Weight                       41 lbs

      Overall Dimension                    8"(H) - 6"(W) - 50"(L)

      Packaging                                Cardboard carton

      Replacement Blade No.           SCBE-16

      Replacement Blade Components     #3, #4, #28

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