Trowel Blades and Pans

Trowel Blades and Pans

Trowel Blades and Pans

Power trowels are must-have tools for anyone who works with concrete. While hand trowels are fine for do-it-yourselfers and laying concrete in small spaces, walk behind and ride-on power trowels are necessary for achieving flatness and productiveness. The right trowel machine blades are just as important as any of the tools you use. The blade you use depends on the phase of the job you are performing. The options for power trowels are float blades, float pans, and combination blades.


Power Trowel Float Blades

Floating occurs after the bleed water dissipates. The floating process removes bumps and fills valleys while also compacting the concrete. This is accomplished by using specially designed power trowel float blades. Float blades are made from low-carbon steel and are always in a completely flat position. This type of blade has a slight bend on all four sides to prevent digging into the concrete.

Power Trowel Combo Blades

Power trowel combo blades are made from high-carbon steel. These blades are used for both floating and finishing. The blades are smaller than float blades and larger than finishing blades.
During the finishing pass, the blade is run flat to further level the concrete surface. During finishing, the trailing edge is flat to give the concrete a hard, smooth finish. One advantage a finishing blade has over a combo blade is that it has two edges for wearing. The combination blade can’t be reversed once the blade is worn.
Combination and finish power trowel blades come in a range of thicknesses. They also come in a range of steel types that work better on either walk behind or ride-on trowel machines. The life expectancy of the blade determines whether your choice is the most cost-effective for your needs.

Plastic Trowel Blades

Once the concrete sets and tightens, steel blades will leave black marks on the surface. This is especially unacceptable for exposed concrete floors. Plastic trowel blades offer an alternative that doesn’t cause the same results. You can purchase plastic combination and finish style blades. Plastic finish blades allow you to eliminate the risk of leaving burnish marks on concrete or epoxy while still providing a hard-polished finish.

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