Brick and Block Saws

Brick and Block Saws

Brick and Block Saws from Beton Tools


Find ultra-reliable, superlative quality brick mortar saws and more, right here at Beton Tools

There is something special about knowing you have all of the right kit for the job. This is the feeling you get when you work with Beton. Whether you are searching for a brick saw or a block saw, you know that you will find industry-leading products that help you get the job done the right way.

Browse our listings and find the machine you need. We stock items from a wide range of different brands, all of whom are well respected in the industry. Our heavy-duty brick mortar saws and block saws are eligible for free shipping nationwide. This means you won't have to wait around or be inconvenienced when you choose our service. We'll deliver the unit directly to you.

To get started, head to our product pages. Don't forget that we are always available to provide you with any assistance and support you might need as you search for the right tools. Just reach out with any questions.

Types of Block or Brick Saw from Beton

At Beton Tools, we pride ourselves on delivering a comprehensive range of block saws and more. This way, we know that our customers are supported at every turn, and are never left wanting when it comes to the heavy and light duty equipment they may need.

Electric Brick or Block Saw

Electric brick or block saws may be more convenient if you are operating your saw at home, on a  regular worksite, or anywhere with a power supply. Portable power supplies and generators may also be used with this kind of block or brick saw.

Petrol Powered Brick or Block Saw

When you are unable to find a conveniently placed power supply, or you are unable to source a backup generator, a petrol powered option may be the better choice. These models also tend to offer higher levels of performance than their electrical counterparts can muster.

Why Shop with Beton Tools

There are a number of reasons why you should choose Beton when it comes to finding the right brick saw machine for the job. Let's take a look at a few of them.

  • An unparalleled commitment to the safety of our products and to that of the customers who use them.
  • Pride in the reputation we have developed -- a reputation for only providing products that can offer the utmost in quality and usability
  • Ongoing support and assistance for everyone who purchases our products, backed up with quality guarantees and warranties
  • A formidable range of products, designed to make sure that our customers find precisely what they need, precisely when they need it

Perhaps you would like to learn more about our range and about the service we offer? Maybe you have a question for our friendly and highly skilled team of experts? Get in touch with Beton Tools today and let's begin.

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Battipav Masonry Saw EGO80

Battipav Masonry Saw EGO80 Masonry saw ideal for the building sector suitable for straight and 45..

$1,999.00 Ex Tax: $1,817.27

Crommelins 14" Electric Brick Saw CBS350CE

Crommelins 14″ Electric Brick Saw CBS350CEThis high performance 350mm industrial bricksaw is powered..

$1,949.00 Ex Tax: $1,771.82

Easymix Electric Bricksaw BS100E

Easymix Electric Bricksaw BS100E NEW UPDATED MODELThe Easymix heavy-duty bricksaw runs on either a 1..

$1,995.00 Ex Tax: $1,813.64

Easymix Petrol Bricksaw BS100P

Easymix Petrol Bricksaw BS100P NEW UPDATED MODELThe Easymix heavy-duty bricksaw runs on either a 170..

$1,995.00 Ex Tax: $1,813.64

Flextool Electric Brick Saw 355mm-14" BS36E

DIAMOND BLADE TO SUIT FT1C350T-UNITFEATURES:240 VOLT,10 Amp-1.7 kW, 2.3 H.P. Electric motorBlad..

$2,705.23 Ex Tax: $2,459.30

Norton Clipper Blockbuster BBL527 Series Large Electric 3 Phase Masonry Saw 70184683385

Norton Clipper Blockbuster BBL527 Series Large Electric Masonry Saw Electric 3 Phase Having introdu..

$7,700.00 Ex Tax: $7,000.00

Norton Clipper BMM307 3HP 350mm (13-3/4") Masonry Chop Saw 70184603136

Norton Clipper BMM307 3HP 350mm (13-3/4") Masonry Chop Saw The Norton Clipper BBM307 Mini Masonry S..

$1,469.00 Ex Tax: $1,335.45

Norton Clipper CM42 2.2kW 400mm (15-3/4") Clipper Compact Brick Saw 70184693678

Norton Clipper CM42 2.2kW 400mm (15-3/4") Clipper Compact Brick Saw The new Clipper CM42 is a light..

$1,868.90 Ex Tax: $1,699.00

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