Concrete Floor Grinders

Concrete Floor Grinders

Concrete floor grinders are a must for construction workers because they can be used for a multitude of projects — and let’s face it, you’ll use it quite often!


Depending on the head of your choice, you can use your grinder to remove dirt, paint, or deposits from concrete floors, prepare concrete pores for new paint application, and more. You can also grind and polish countertops of marble or granite with concrete grinders — truly making it a multi-use tool.

Many concrete grinders can also be used in wet or dry applications.

Concrete grinders are sometimes also called angle grinders, depending on the configuration of the head. Angle grinders allow you to grind surfaces that are in corners that would be otherwise difficult to reach.

At Beton tools, we offer a multitude of different concrete grinders for whatever project you’re working on.  Our lifting eyes and handles allow for easy transport of all of our concrete grinders, and we offer a wide range of sizes.

We know how important it is to have the right tool for the job, which is why we offer concrete grinders of all sizes with the ability to change the vibrating head. This allows you to get the results you’re looking for with every project, every time.

Our grinders also range in price — so there’s an option for any budget!

All of our concrete grinders are low vibration and easy to use. Their uses range from minor paint removal to more heavy-duty projects like levelling, and the minimal vibrations also cause our concrete grinders to be dust-free. Another great benefit!

No matter what project you have in front of you, Beton Tools has the concrete grinder of your dreams.

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Eibenstock EBS235.1 Cub Grinder Floor 38kg Lightweight 235.0mm

FEATURES: 2200 Watts 230 Volt Motor – durable, high load capacity, easy to service Segment..

$3,248.70 Ex Tax: $2,953.36

Flextool 2200W 250mm (10") Concrete Cub Floor Grinder FT1RTCUB-UNIT

Flextool FT1RTCUB-UNIT 2200W 250mm (10") Concrete Cub Floor GrinderThe Flextool Cub Grinder is compa..

$2,249.00 Ex Tax: $2,044.55

HTC 2.2kW 280mm Grinding Floor Grinder HTC280

2.2kW 280mm Grinding Floor GrinderThe HTC 280 is a small, agile floor grinder with a 2.2 kW motor th..

$3,899.00 Ex Tax: $3,544.55

HTC 2.2kW 450mm Grinding Floor Grinder HTC450

2.2kW 450mm Grinding Floor GrinderThe HTC 450 is a planetary grinder with three counter-rotating gri..

$9,699.00 Ex Tax: $8,817.27

HTC 2.2kW 530mm Grinding Single Phase Floor Grinder HTC510

2.2kW 530mm Grinding Single Phase Floor GrinderThe HTC 510 is a powerful planetary grinder with thre..

$10,790.00 Ex Tax: $9,809.09

HTC 4kW 400mm Grinding Floor Grinder HTC400

4kW 400mm Grinding Floor GrinderThe HTC 400 is a very powerful grinder with a large grinding disc an..

$7,499.00 Ex Tax: $6,817.27

HTC 4kW 530mm Grinding 3-Phase Floor Grinder HTC510

HTC 4kW 530mm Grinding 3-Phase Floor Grinder HTC510The HTC 510 is a powerful planetary grinder with ..

$11,999.00 Ex Tax: $10,908.18

Masterfinish Concrete Grinder Cub 250mm MF-CUB

Masterfinish Cub Concrete Grinder with 230 volt motor.The Masterfinish range of concrete and constru..

$2,195.00 Ex Tax: $1,995.45

Crommelins Concrete Floor Grinder 10" CFGKUB

Crommelins Concrete Floor Grinder 10" The Crommelins floor grinder 10" is Australian made, robust a..

$3,149.00 Ex Tax: $2,862.73

Masterfinish by Ag Pulie Single Disc Grinder G1-A

Masterfinish by Ag Pulie Single Disc Grinder G1-AThe Masterfinish Floor Grinder has a robust steel c..

$2,995.00 Ex Tax: $2,722.73

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