Electric Wall Chaser

Electric Wall Chaser

Whether you're a professional builder or an ambitious home renovator, good tools ensure quality construction results. At BetonTools, we stock a wide array of tools to help you work in confidence, including wall chasers from Metabo and Eibenstock. Electric wall chaser products feature twin blades for cutting narrow channels into tough materials, including brick, stone and concrete. Perfect for electricians, plumbers and builders, electric wall chaser products provide complete control in the most demanding environments.


Wall chaser applications

A wall chaser is a specialised diamond power tool commonly used to cut grooves in walls and other surfaces. Whenever you need to install cables, wires or other infrastructure, these products provide the solution. Powered by a motor, with electricity driving a pair of parallel disks similar to those on an angle grinder, wall chasers easily create channels in residential and commercial walls.

Due to the close measured spacing of two identical disks, wall chasers are neater and faster than other cutting or grinding solutions. These tools allow you to work safely without damaging the surrounding area, which is important when working on walls and other sensitive surfaces. At BetonTools, we stock a number of handheld wall chasers, including 125 mm products, 150 mm products and 180 mm products, among others. If you want to achieve fast results with safety and precision, our wall chaser products are impossible to beat.

The BetonTools difference

At BetonTools, we offer high-quality tooling solutions for Australian construction professionals. We understand the local construction industry and our team is always ready to provide valuable advice and support when needed. We are an Australian-owned and operated business with a physical shopfront located in Leichhardt, NSW. We also have a huge online store with over 20,000 items in stock.

If you need an electric wall chaser for your next construction project, please make an order or contact our team today. 

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Eibenstock EMF125 Wall Chaser 125.0mm

Features: • Electronic – soft start, temperature control, constant speed • Locking for suction hos..

$1,103.70 Ex Tax: $1,003.36

Eibenstock EMF150.1 Wall Chaser 150.0mm NEW MODEL

Features: • Electronic – soft start, temperature and over load protection cut-off, optical overload..

$1,199.00 Ex Tax: $1,090.00

Eibenstock EMF180.2 2300W 180mm (7") Wall Chaser

Eibenstock EMF180.2 2300W 180mm (7") Wall ChaserFeatures: • Electronic – soft start, temperature an..

$1,399.00 Ex Tax: $1,271.82

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